Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Corner 2011

I slid the couch over to the side and made ourselves a little Christmas corner! Most of our ornaments from Brooklyn are still there, hidden somewhere under our bed I think, where Martin couldn't find them, so we were stuck with what we had here. No star on top, but I did make a little bow with ribbon! :)

I haven't been on here for a bit! Things have been busy but really good, my husband has put in the spiral staircase (I know he's awesome!!) and its almost done with all the steps. (I will post pics when its all done!)  Things are taking a bit longer because we are doing everything ourselves, but we are doing it! We are working on giving handmade gifts this year. For my aunts, we bought homemade quilts from my Mom, along with giving everyone handmade soaps. And the wine we're giving as gifts are from the local winery.  My aunts on my Mom's side, we're giving homemade welsh cookies (my Gram's recipe). I'll be putting them in a little festive baggy with a tag label that says "Gram's Welsh cookies".  I think they'll love that! Those cookies were a trademark of my Gram's every year over the holidays and I'm grateful that she gave me the recipe so that it can be continued:)  It was a little difficult for the guys, but we found a cigar store that sells cigars made in the USA, so we got some of those for my Dad. Its difficult to get everyone's gifts handmade, local and made in the USA, but its a start! Are you giving any handmade gifts this year? What are they?

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