Thursday, November 10, 2011

House Update - err well it was Wednesday just a second ago:)

The house is coming along!! My awesome Dad came over yesterday to help me put in insulation. We used the good kind with plastic surrounding the insulation so there wasn't alot getting all over everything and that we would have had to breathe in, called John Mansville. It was alittle expensive but so worth it when I didn't have itchies all over me after! You might notice all the duct tape used to hold up the insulation. Usually people have wood studs up that they can just staple or nail the insulation into. We used metal studs, so there wasn't anything we could nail/staple into, so we used duct tape! My dad double checked with a builder first to make sure that was a good idea and they said yup, so we did it! Looks kind of funny, but whatever works! Now we move onto putting sheetrock up. With the sheetrock, we are going to nail the boards into the metal studs.  More on that in a few weeks after we actually do it! The stone is also finished!! We're so happy with how it came out, and the guys did a great job. They were from Pennsylvania, figures! Every person we've met so far from Pa knows how to do a great job on building house stuff without overpricing. Here are a few pictures!


  1. The stairs and stone work look awesome. Let us know how nailing into metal turns out. Didn't even know you could do that. Per my response to your comment on my blog, they house is really looking amazing!

  2. Looking good. I get so excited for you with these posts!!

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