Welcome! This is a blog that I started in the beginning to keep in touch with friends and make new friends, grew into a place where I blog ideas on how me, my husband Martin and our puppy Lealu lived simply and frugally in the big city of NYC, and has evolved into the place about our new journey with our newest puppy Corbin living in the country, with all its greenery and bugs, the air is fresh and clean here! We are doing lots of work on our place, from raising it and putting a new foundation with a new first floor, to putting studs in, siding the house ourselves, and sheetrocking the downstairs ourselves to save alittle $! I'm looking forward to finding new ways to live and fix things frugally in the country! Its a place to share ideas with you, and hopefully you with me!  I write mostly about how to DIY instead of purchasing, how we survive on a small budget, simple ways to save money and everyday frugal living here while still being able to afford a little luxary now and then! While you're here, stop by and check out Frugal Eats, Frugal Home and Frugal Fridays!

I am currently an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine student, and a yoga teacher. If you'd like to read my blog about my journey through school, you can find me here:

If you like homemade soap, my Mom and I make it here: http://www.oliveyourbeeswax.blogspot.com/

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!
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