Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House Update Wednesday - update*** we have water!!!

Today is the day, hopefully, I'm praying, that we will get water!!!! The plumber is just getting back from vacation but he knows that we are desperate and have been out of running water now for 6 weeks so he is making it a point to come today to hook us up! The well guy will also be here to test the water to see what kind of filter we'll need (whether its hard water or soft). The builders are here to to finally finish (thats right finish!!!) their work with us. I am so excited. Its been a long 6 weeks. Last week they did the sonnet tubes, which allow for the carpenter to build the front deck and the back stairs and landing. They are buttoning up (thats a construction term lol) the cement block where they had the steel beams coming out of when they lowered the house down, so the downstairs will be ready to start with sheetrock but before we can do sheetrock, first we have to put these things up called metal studs. Today Martin took an emergency day off of work and him and his Dad are putting those up. His Dad and him are amazing working with electric so they are also working on that so that we can get the well working once the plumber comes. Crazy amounts of planning, seriously you couldn't pay me enough to be a contractor!  So now I'm waiting here with Laura my MIL, for the plumber, drinking chai's:) We're even using real mugs and crossing my fingers that we'll have the water to wash them after lol. We have the windows and doors delivered but the carpenter has another job he wants to finish before he finishes ours, and so it we're waiting for either Thursday or Friday for him to come and finish the stairs, the front deck, and install the windows. We found a great electric heating fireplace that we might be using for heat downstairs, we have to start thinking of that because, I can't believe it, but its almost October. Here is the progress in photos so far.

This is Buddy, my FIL, starting work on the electric box.

landing check, stairs are off because the sewer pipe was exposed for plumber, and wasn't backfilled.
 will be our new doorway oneday! coming along...

 downstairs...coming along with the new floor.
 front of house with sonnet tubes in, ready for the front deck.
 window wells installed on 2 windows where the grade of dirt is high.

hopefully I'll be taking a shower...maybe shedding a tear or two tonight:)

*** Update! We have water!! the plumber came and surprised us while we were taking M's dad to dinner, and he worked until 8pm!! He gave us the greatest gift of running water! I gave him the biggest hug and thank you!! I'll be happily washing dishes and taking a shower tonight:)

ps did you know that you can cook using just foil!? Last night we cooked broccoli with cheese and olive oil, with chicken and sweet potato all in foil. So you can survive without water,  even though it probably didn't taste as good as if I had cooked in a dutch oven or something. At least if we are ever stuck in the woods, I won't panic without having running water, or maybe I


  1. I am so glad to hear that you have water! I can't imagine living without water! I went crazy back in August because I didn't have water in the kitchen for 24 hours because we got new counter tops! I'm sure that shower last night felt like heaven!

  2. Woot! Woot! Water! This is awesome news!!! And I bet that shower was the most amazing shower ever!


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