Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I was for 9-11

My best friend wrote about what had happened to her on 9-11, and since our paths led to eachother that day, I thought I would too. That day I was commuting into my first day of my internship at Fox Publicity. I was so excited and nervous. I remember in my car on the way to the train in NJ, forgetting my cell phone and thinking on the way, that maybe I should turn around to grab it, but then I'd be late so its probably a good idea to forget about it and just go in. So I parked my car like I  usually did, and waited for the train. A great start to the day, I was going to be on time. I got to Fox studios early, grabbed a coffee and sat outside to watch the huge tv news screen they had for the public. The next thing I know, on the screen is a plane flying into the towers. I was confused for a second and thought this might be a tv show, so I went to a pay phone to call my Dad. I told him what I saw, and he said to just go into the building and that it was probably part of a show. I walked alittle and at this point, people were freaking out and running around. I stood outside and saw that the second plane had hit the other tower. I walked back to the phone and waited for the person to get through their call. I called my Dad and at this point he had heard the news on tv and told me to go inside the building where it would be safe. I hung up and started walking to the building. There were people panicking in the streets yelling "Its time to get out of the city!" I was alittle nervous but my Dad was calm when I talked to him and that always helped me to remain calm. I went inside and found the few people at the office huddled in a room on the couch watching the news. We sat there for a bit and decided it was best that everyone leave and go see family. Pay phones were jam packed and I didn't have my cell, although I was told that the cell signals were jammed. I went to the college I was attending and sat in the lounge for a bit. A woman asked me if I had anywhere to go. I thought of my best friend's aunt's apartment close by and decided to walk there to see if she was there. I walked and met her aunt there and, after her trek there, her too.  It was wonderful to be around caring friends during a scary time and I will be forever grateful to her aunt for having me and to my best friend for being there:)  There are some people you can always count on, and she is one of those people.  We stayed up late and watched the news. I remember the next morning I went out to get us some Dunkin Donuts coffee and there was a cop in the shop who we all clapped for. Outside there was the oddest silence, on a very busy street in a very busy city, just some garbage rolling down the street with alittle wind. It took another day or two for the trains to start working. The first time I took the train home, I just remember feeling so happy to be home.

When I met my husband I found out he was there too, he was a crew sent by the electric company. Today I'm thankful he is okay and was wearing a gas mask. I've heard of so many volunteers who tragically have fallen ill because of the debris from the buildings.

Sending Love and Peace to All, to the innocent lives lost in the 9-11 attacks, and to the innocent lives lost since that day during the war.


  1. Of course you didn't have your cell phone. Classic Nicole :) Hugs lady! Great perspective!

  2. I could not imagine being there. It was hard enough seeing it on the news. The memorial is beautiful.


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