Friday, September 16, 2011

Frugal Friday - a wreath for every season

Wow its amazing how fast the time is going! Its already Friday and almost halfway through September, just crazy! In celebration of our house getting water, and just in getting all this work done, I went to Michaels a few weeks ago with the intention of buying a pretty wreath for our front door. That intention ended quickly as I noticed all the signs on fully decorated wreaths, 29.99, 39.99, so I decided to buy the elements and make our own! I found a great stick wreath on sale for 4.99, along with flower/beaded garland that came in a circle on clearance for 3.99 each. I purchased 2. I wrapped both garlands around the wreaths, sticking the pieces in between the twigs. It looked alittle plain, so I found some old red ribbon from last Christmas and wrapped that around the wreath, alternating going on the inside and then the outside. The best part of this wreath isn't the low price (although the sales at Michaels are awesome), its that instead of having to buy a wreath every season, you can just change the ribbon! So for the holidays, I have red (its alittle early for the holidays but for Halloween you could even use orange ribbon!) for Spring you can switch it to a lime green and for Summer maybe a lavender or an eggshell color! Here is a photo of the wreath getting ready for the holidays:

Total spent - 13$

wreath - on sale 4.99
2 garlands on clearance - 3.99 each so 8 total
ribbon - you can just whats laying around or you could probably find some at Michaels or your closest dollar store!

Happy Friday! brrrr its already starting to get chilly! Where did the summer go??


  1. Super cute and inexpensive! I am imagining mine would not look as cute though!

  2. I love love this, Sooo cute..I found ya per blog hop and had to stop in and say hello, officially following ya..Hope u can stop in and say hi sometime..(I have a linky fall blog party that this will fit right into if you don't mind linking..:))..I'm Marilyn via ..happy weekend..


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