Wednesday, September 21, 2011

House Update Wednesday - new deck!

I hope you're having a great Wednesday! I think I need to do alittle acupuncture to take away the monster headache I have from dealing with construction stuff but other than that things are good. We still have water (having water at any time is just wonderful) :) Today our carpenter came who is just awesome and he  finished the permanent back stairs and finished putting in the rest of the windows. He'll be here tomorrow to put in the doors and then he is done with his work with us! A great company that I got from the inspector came to put in a radon tube. A radon tube is for radon that might come out of the ground, and if it does, instead of going into the house, it goes into this tube and outside. Sounds alittle scary but hopefully we don't get radon. I spoke with a stone mason who came by with sample and to do some measurements. We another possible stone mason coming tomorrow, so that we can get a few different prices. If there's any advice I can give on working with contractors is to shop around! I spoke with the stone mason today and just by me saying that we are meeting with someone tomorrow, he dropped the price alittle. A-w-esome. Next thing is tomorrow I have to order a ton of pellets for heat this winter (we are only using pellet stoves) from Home Depot, pay the carpenter for all of this work and call the inspector to set up a time to meet for final inspection. How exciting is that!? I never thought we'd reach final inspection, but its here and I'm so grateful:) Here are photos of the house so far -

new front deck!

new permanent stairs in the back!
                                                here is the radon tube -

as I was cleaning off some chairs to bring on the deck that we had left outside all this time we were doing work on the house, I found this little guy, I promise its not one of those fake halloween spiders,  and...well that chair is still outside and I won't be moving it:) and it won't be coming onto the deck until M sprays it with a hose to make sure mr. spider is gone. I literally screamed and Corbin puppy ran over to save me lol.
isn't that like the biggest scariest spider you've ever seen!!??


  1. Well, how do you expect me to comment on the cool deck when you showed that spider!?!

  2. Ditto what Sara said lol Your house is coming together nicely!!


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