Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In an effort to prevent the dogs from running around in the mud...

we started decorating for Halloween early:)   and if you're following along with the house project, yes the house still hasn't had any new work done since Saturday last week. We are both frustrated but trying to keep peaceful and calm about it, but mostly we've decided to use humor to help us!!! :) We are laughing...and laughing...and drinking wine at night in our treehouse. The contractor had an emergency...we keep making a joke that we're living in the movie The Money Pit (except without the huge house, and the x husband, and the affair:)). We made a joke to our contractor that in the Money Pit all the contractors say it will take 2 weeks. Thats what our contractor originally told us...and 2 weeks would be up today. With all that, Martin and I are making as any jokes about it as possible (hence watching the Money Pit)...and we are keeping up hope and having faith in God and the universe that everything will work out as planned. Got any good jokes to keep us laughing?? please share below!

This Friday I'll be doing a post on how to live without running water for 2 weeks:)

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  1. Oh! I am glad you are trying to keep a sense of humor on a stressful situation. Just think , it can't be more than 2 more weeks ;)


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