Monday, August 15, 2011

House update

Our home is coming along. Although living here for the past week without water has been eventful to say the least, I'm ready to get on with the finishing of the work! :) No but really living so simply has taught me to be grateful, for small things like water and a bathtub...and just being able to wash dishes. Here's the work so far. (its been two weeks) they will hopefully be back Tuesday or Wed. to finish the walls and then the carpenter is coming to put the sil on and then they can finally lower the house! After that, they pour the floor, while the carpenter is working on fixing the top floor, putting in windows and doors, building the landing with stairs and building the front small balcony. After the floor is poured, we can start the well guy going and the septic guy putting in the new tank, as well as the walls and the ceiling downstairs. fun stuff:)  We're working on being feng shui friendly with new house stuff, any color ideas that are feng shui friendly? 

Here are a few pictures of where the house was a week ago and now:)


  1. I would be stir crazy. You sound happy as can be. I admire your positive outlook.

  2. You are so it! Um, colors? I say hot pink is feng shui. IMO

  3. Wow. I think I would be pulling out my hair by now. I am excited you are making the house feng shui friendly, that will look fantastic.


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