Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugal Friday - how to live without water for 2 weeks!

ahhh water. We've been doing alot of our work on our house recently. If you've been here before, then you know Simple Frugalista was once Simple Living in a big city, we moved from NYC to the country to a little lakehouse, by little I mean little, about 20x24 with a loft upstairs for a bedroom. The house isn't winterized so we knew we'd have to do alot of work before the winter. When Martin my husband got a job transfer, we jumped at the chance at our dream of living in the country. And we're here! We're making it! I get to work at a dream job of mine (who can call it work really) teaching yoga, and I transferred to an acupuncture school beginning in September. Life is going great, the house just has to catch up with us! And it is! Slowly but surely I have faith that everything is meant to be, at the right time God and the universe work things out. Right now, we're living in our house, as its raised on stilts and steel beams, 11 ft in the air. We're waiting for the walls to be built downstairs...which has taken longer than we would've hoped, because of all the rain happening and emergencies at our contractors other jobs. But good news, the well guy is here today! and he is digging! alot! :) With his wonderful help, we are going to have water this winter. And with our builders, help, we'll get these walls done and be able to lower the house, and start on the walls and the floors downstairs. Fingers crossed:)

We are keeping our sense of humor throughout this house in progress, so I've decided to give you a Frugal Friday with 10 tips on how to live without water:)

1-  Make sure you have lots of places to stay in case of emergencies. Emergencies can happen all the time, without having lots of construction going on right underneath you. Make sure you talk to family who live within 2 hours of you to ask if its alright for you to stay there, go there for the day and use the shower, or just to get out of the house for the day, if needed. If you have puppies, make sure its okay if you bring them too:)

2- Have an alternative nearby. Without water, you don't have a shower. Check to see if you could get a one month membership to a gym that is close by where you could use their shower, or if you're work has a shower in their locker room, make sure to leave early for work to use their shower.

3- It works out for us that Martin took off for vacation during the time that the house is without water so we have a budget already for vacation to go out to eat. Remember without water, you have to way to wash dishes, which means cooking can be an issue. Plan on going out to eat, alot.

4- Because there is no way to wash dishes, its so important to buy foods that you don't have to cook. Salads are great, so are sandwiches and raw veggies.

5- For when you do eat in, have plastic utensils (you can purchase biodegradeable utensils if you'd like), paper bowls and paper plates ready to eat on. This way you can just throw those away after use and not worry about having to clean them.

6- Become friendly with the local cafe or diner. This way, in the mornings and at night you can stop by for a coffee, and use their bathroom to wash your face and hands!

7- Check out deals for water at your local grocery store. Right now, Poland Spring has 2 for 5$ 5 gallon jugs of filtered water! We're using this for everything, including tea/coffee in the mornings. Who can live without tea!??

8- If you own a keurig coffee machine, you don't have to worry about cleaning the filter, just simply take the kcup out, and put the new one in.

9- Brushing your teeth. Mouthwash is a great but you also need to brush. We've been taking a cup of poland spring water, and using the cup to brush with. I'm sure we're also saving water here! Yaye for the environment!

10- See about renting a local port-o-potty. We've rented one for 2 months,

Thats it for now!  I might have more tips, the longer we have to go without water. I try to imagine its like camping right? What would you do if you had to live without water? 

Simple Frugalista signing off from the waterless treehouse:)

We have a winner of the Uprinting flyer giveaway! Comment #3, Shannon from Milk and Cuddles, is the winner! Shannon, Apryl will contact you within 30 days to set up your flyer winnings!


  1. I would handle it, but I would whine all the way. You are da woman! When it is all said and done, take a nice long hot bath! You will have earned it.

  2. Well at least you have a good attitude about it- I don't think I could do it for that long


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