Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4 2011 - Happy 4th!

I hope you had a great Fourth! We laid low and over the weekend we left the puppies at home for a few hours and found this adorable little chocolate/cafe shop in a town close by called Warwick NY. They have cute little delicate chocolates, chai lattes (my favorite!) and even gellato and sorbet from Italy! I've never had sorbet or gellato from Italy or in Italy when my sister and I visited almost 10 years ago. It is delicious! and the gellato is a bit more creamy than regular ice cream. Its a sweet romantic little town.  There's nothing like having some alone time, we love our puppies but its nice to have that every once in awhile!  Then yesterday we went kayaking in the lake and trust me on this, don't go kayaking when there are 5 gazillion fast speed motor boats on the lake with you. They were going by so fast and the waves were going up and down and I had the worst sea sickness ever. Feeling much better now after some acupuncture, but I'll make sure to go on a day that isn't a holiday up here! While we were kayaking we did see a scared snake in the water. Martin actually spotted it first. After a fast jet ski went by, all you saw was this little head peeking up out of the water and scurrying to the rocks leading to the land nearby. Freaked me out but he said they were snakes that didn't bite, so that makes me feel alittle better! We kayaked all the way out to the middle of the lake and people were there with their pontoon boats and swimming. Makes me think of summers that my sister and I used to spend in LBI at the beach! I love the lake and its nice to know there aren't sharks that you have to worry about, but there's something amazing and healing about the ocean's salt water.  Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

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  1. Oh I would have totally been freaked out by the snake too!


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