Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corbin's first time on a boat

Martin was sick yesterday and with his job gets a two day off of work sick policy thingy, so today he was feeling better! Which is great because he was able to run around with the puppies:) We took a kayak trip out on the calm water (last Monday on the 4th I got horribly sea sick with all the fast boats and the waves on the kayak!) and then when we came back he took Corbin out to a little island for a swim on our little row boat! He said he swam and was alittle scared so started to swim away from the island! Martin almost had to take the boat to go after him but he managed to call him back over. He was pooped when he got back and we got to just relax:) It was wonderful! Corbin is usually running around and barking and nipping at poor Lealu, but now he's just calm:) I love it when he runs around and then is so tired he passes out!


  1. Awww! So sweet- what good little guy! Sounds like a fun weekend girlfriend!

  2. I think the same thing about my kids :)

  3. Corbin is the sweetest little thing! And I am just like Emmy! hahahha.


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