Friday, July 1, 2011

Frugal Friday - Pet Meds- where to buy from?

We have two puppies now who we love and want to make sure they are taken care of. They are so sweet and just good beings. A must for dogs around where we live is frontline (flee and tick control) and heartworm protection. There are a billion options of where to buy these pet medications and of what to buy. You have the Vet,, petcarerx, and one that I've just discovered that I want to tell you about, Pet Care Choice is a company that specializes in discount pet medications. They have heartguards, frontlines and many others, and at great discount prices. The first time I took Corbin to the Vet, they gave me a sample of a heartworm preventer called Intercepter. When I first found that I would be able to purchase heartworm preventative and frontline online, we bought a small supply and I gave the Vet a call, just to check to see how much they would charge for heartworm to be able to compare prices. She said that for the year it would cost 85$ for heartworm preventative. I mentioned that online heartworm is sold for less and I asked her what she thought about that. She said that to buy any heartworm preventative online, you need a prescription. So I thought, thats weird because I just bought a supply without a prescription. Now normally, okay if you're buying something black market or without a manufacturer listed or something like that, I'd suggest staying away since there wouldn't be anyone that would be responsible for the product. But these products are brand name and Pet Care Choice has medications for horses, cats and dogs. I asked her about sending a prescription, and she responds, "We used to do that, but after awhile we were spending all day at the fax machine so we don't do that anymore". What I wanted to say was "oh, so you mean you had to wheel yourself to the fax machine, press some buttons and hit send?" but what I actually said was "I'm sorry, can you say that again?" and she said it again, exactly like before, like it was a line to give inquiring customers of why we can't buy at another cheaper pet med store rather than the Vet office.  So I just said as nicely as possibly, we'll just go with buying ours online, thanks. We bought our heartworm protection online and for much less than 85$ a year. We ended up spending 50$ on each dog for the year on heartworm, so thats 100$ for the year, and 75$ on each dog for the year on frontline, so thats 150$ a year, which totals 250$ for both dogs for the year! and we saved 60$ just from the markup at the Vets. Not bad! So we get to save some money and also get to go to sleep at night knowing we're taking care of these adorable puppies!

Happy Frugal Friday, hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend!!

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  1. Hahahaha those pictures make him sooo tiny!


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