Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless! I painted the kitchen!

So I got to thinking, even though we can't have the house raised right now, like I want, I can still do little improvements around the house that make it look I painted the kitchen! Its a small area so I just picked up a small can of primer and of Manchester red semi-gloss paint from Sears. Here are pics of how it came out! And a few of the me and puppies:)

here is the kitchen before the paint (and cleaner before we moved in!)-

and here it is afterwards-

 Corbin and Lealu outside:) Corbin is a little trouble maker! but we love him all the same:)

Happy Week to you!!!


  1. It is fun to add paint to a place, isn't it? Looks great!

  2. Wow I love your country home :) So cute!

    Pictures with your dogs are great too. You should frame one of those!

  3. Doing house improvements is so fun! I bet it makes it feel more like your home, huh? I get to see you soon!!

  4. Looks great. And your fur babies are sooo cute.

  5. There really is something so cute about puppies. Great job on the kitchen


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