Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless - well sort of!

 Happy Wordless day! I had a wonderful day working on the house with my Dad. He came up and we finished one side of the top of the house siding/boxing in the gutter area! I don't know what else its called lol but thats what we did! There is probably some other professional name for it:) He knows so much and so many little tips its amazing I swear, sometimes I think he should write a book about how to fix things around the house and on the house, I would buy it! and really use it!! I really don't know what I'd do without my Dad, he is always there and helps with everything and is such a cool Dad.  We worked on the house and had some hoagies (aka big sandwiches), Martin calls them heros, he met the new puppy and I was his assistant for the day:) Other than yelling at spiders to not come near me while I was on the ladder up against the house, (I wouldn't want to wiggle and fall!) we had alot of fun! and its going to look really nice now having that done when we raise the house in a few weeks! We're meeting with the builder this weekend to have a final walk through and to get a final start date. The next few weeks are going to be very interesting, I hope we don't have to sleep in the car while they're raising it (I don't think we will, they said we could still live inside, who knows though) but if we have to, then we have to I guess and we will survive. Here are some pics of my Dad working on the house and pics of the new puppy with Lealu!

ps Its really funny when Corbin meets someone he's so friendly and jumps to them, and Lealu gets alittle jealous! I think she wants to be petted and given attention but she's just scared, I think Corbin is going to help her to be less scared so that will be good!


  1. Your puppies are too cute! :-) Good luck with your house raising! Wow! I did not realize you could still live in your home while doing this. I envision having to move out everything when it's being done. Give your puppies a good belly rub and extra treats for me! :-)

  2. Oh he's cute!!! hahaha. I'm sure Lealu will come around and soon be very protective of him. haha. Your Dad sounds awesome.


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