Friday, June 17, 2011

frugal tip friday - a little green ball of magic

Happy Frugal tip Friday! I wish I could've blogged earlier but I had an unexpected yoga class this morning and I underestimated how much time being with the new puppy and Lealu. New puppies are a big handful! I'm looking forward to when all this training will show in him. I did teach him to sit and to lay down for sure, like he knows that hands down so thats good! The yoga class was great, I was excited to see about half the class elderly women, which is very cool because they are getting the benefits of yoga! I swear I don't know how Moms raise children and puppies, and take care of a household, and a husband and go to work, I'm in awe! 

Today I want to tell you about an amazing invention that can save you money and help you healthwise. The two don't always go together, so this is just awesome.  Its had some skeptisism but I've used it for about 5 washes and its worked great so far. Its called the green wash ball. And its alittle ball with magnetic balls in that washes your clothes and can take the place of laundry detergent! I know that sounds crazy lol. Magnetic balls that clean your clothes?? Apparently the magnetic balls emit OH ions and O2 ions, which are hydroxides and dioxides. The different ions break down organizing matters, deodorize materials and sterilize. I got my green wash ball after a friend recommended it who was very much into living organically. I've been using it for about 4 weeks now and not only is it green, and saves us $, it also saves space! Living out of bags and trunks right now until we get our house raised (which is scheduled to happen in the few weeks!) its wonderful to keep the green wash ball in the laundry basket and just bring the whole detachable laundry bag to the laundry mat. Its a great frugal alternative to laundry detergent and I definetly recommend it! You can buy them on amazon and see their list of reviews from others there.

Happy Weekend to you!!

ps - I was not given payment in anyway for this review, just wanted to share this awesome frugal find! 


  1. Hmmmm....going to check it out. How long does it last?

  2. Lourie, definetly! It lasts 1000 washes. Thats saves a huge amt!

  3. I am interested in this thing! Where do you buy it?


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