Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - puppy lovin!

When we rescued Corbin we got a big folder full of all of his information, when he was born, what kind of shots he's already had, what kind he still needs and the dates he needs them. He was born on 4/7/11 (a high energy Aries! which goes great with Gemini (Lealu!) :)) and he's due for his last shot today, so I'm taking him over to the new Vet in the area for that and to get heartworm tested. He is 11 weeks so next week he will be able to start Frontline, which will help when we got to dog parks and running around the park with ticks and fleas. Lealu will start with this Vet as well as soon as she needs to go for her next Rabies shot and she will need to get tested for heartworm again and have to take the heartworm preventative pill. She's taken the test in Brooklyn and the Vet there said there wasn't a need for heartworm vaccine in the city, unless we were going upstate, so I'll set up an appt for that next week. All these doggie appointments! :)


  1. That is one cute pup! He is super lucky to have you as a parent!

  2. Oh he is precious! And his eyes are so pretty too! Yay for the new pupper doo!!!


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