Friday, June 24, 2011

Frugal Friday - Cable TV or Internet TV?

Happy Frugal Friday! Since we've moved, we haven't had cable. Thats right, no cable, no channels 1-7, no channel 12, nada. In the beginning it was alittle scary, I'd turn on our tv and expect to watch of my shows like Greys Anatomy or Fringe, and to no avail. Rabbit ears don't work, and we've decided to wait until the house is raised to get its just me...and the mountain...and the puppies while Martins at work. And I have to say, its kind of funny but I've really become used it! We have internet tv, so we have Netflix movies and specific episodes we can search online and watch, which is only 7.99 a month for netflix and free for wireless internet, but its not like when I would come home from work and Martin and I would just sit and watch whatever was on at the time.  Now we consciously make the decision to look up something to watch. I remember when I was younger and I dated a boy who's family didn't have cable, and they just watched movies and I always thought, how in the world do they do it!? This is like the stone ages! And now I'm actually liking it, and we're thinking about never going back to cable!

Why free Internet TV is better than paying for Cable

-  You watch what you want. Its become more of a specific action, like lets watch a movie together, or lets watch the Dog Whisperer episodes, and less like our conversation.

- No tv on allows you to think of doing other things. Yesterday while I was watching the pups, we came inside after a run around for awhile in the yard. I intended to put a movie on, but instead just sat with the puppies and read a book. When I got up to wash the dishes I put alittle Jack Johnson music on and sang with it while the puppies slowly closed their eyes.  Except for an episode of Dog Whisperer, I didn't put the tv on all day! Without cable tv I feel like I have more time to think of things to do, like instead of just sitting and watching the tv, it gives me the space to decide what I'd like to do.

- Internet TV is cheaper than cable.. Lots of shows are available on their channels websites for free, and most of the time without commercials which is nice!  And Netflix movies are unlimited for only 7.99 a month compared to cable which can run 50$ and upwards.

- Quiet time. I feel a sense of quiet inside myself, from not keeping the tv on, its helped even with Yoga. Its easier to get into a meditative state without listening to tv during the day.

- More options with movies.  Having Netflix allows us to choose between watching new movies or older movies.  We've watched some great old classics that I haven't seen in awhile, like Labyrinth!

- Most channels and shows are online now! News stations and channels are making shows available online.  When I found Greys Anatomy I literally jumped for joy!

Do you have cable? Would you ever switch to Internet TV only?

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  1. Yes, we always just had regular TV growing up and there were only cartoons on Saturday morning-or Sesame Street- so we played, we created, it was wonderful. I think you are on to something


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