Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal tip Friday - Fathers Day what to get!

Fathers Day is coming up. We are thinking about having my Dad and Martin's dad over for Sunday and taking them out to lunch. Dads are so wonderful, they know how to fix everything, they know what to say in a scary situation, they always have batteries...but one thing that I've noticed is that we might not have time or the moment just hasn't come up to talk about the little funny things about them that I'd love to know, stuff that might come up more talking to my Mom.  
Questions like:

What is the one thing you are never shy about?
If somebody told you to start driving, where would you end up?
If you were a wizard, how would you exploit your powers?
What healthy habit are you glad you have?

And those are just a few that the game "Loaded Questions" asks! Its the perfect game to play to learn about others and to have fun with! All types of questions are asked and by playing the game and can be answered in a fun way so that no one feels pressured with questions but that you get to learn all these great things about the people you love! Its the perfect Fathers Day game to play or game to play with family and friends. 

Loaded Questions is for ages from teen-adult and can have between 4-6 players. And its so easy to play! You have a board, and each person puts their piece on the start line. Each person gets a pencil and an answer sheet and writes their name on top. The shortest person starts first, they roll the die and a number is shown. Roller picks up a card with lots of fun questions like above corresponding to the category their die has landed on, asks them aloud and all players write down their personal answers to the question. All answers are read aloud by the previous roller, while the current roller has to guess who wrote each answer! After answering, the reader reveals how many questions the roller got right, and the roller moves forward that many spaces on the board. This is the best part, to WIN, you must land on the WIN spot but also answer three players answers correctly! So by the end of the game, in order to win, you must really know alot about other players! How fun is that?

The game is available at one of my favorite places to shop, Target! For only 24.99! or at a few other stores that can be found on their website I definetly recommend checking out this game, its lots of fun, you get to learn about others and share your own answers and its inexpensive!

Happy Frugal tip Friday! and Happy Weekend to you!!

disclaimer -I was given a game to review for this post, but was not monetarily compensated.


  1. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. I love games! That one sounds like fun!


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