Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An almost Wordless Wednesday & a big thanks!

First, I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all of your well wishes with my testing at school! It means so much to me. The tests went well and I find out soon whether I passed or not, crossing my fingers!

There are always so many changes going on in life I feel like. Sometimes I think "Just wait, things will stop changing and then I'll be able to do that" (that being whatever it is I want to do that I'm waiting to do until life stops, well, changing, and only as I write that do I see how ridiculous that sounds! lol). Its so funny because just when things seem to be slowing down, another change happens, changing schools, jobs, homes etc and I'm starting to feel like the only way to do anything is to just accept that there will always be so many changes going on and to find the stillness within myself. I always seem to forget and meditation have been such a great reminder, but it seems when there is so much going, thats when I'm reminded the most of the idea of change and how it is continuous. Do you ever feel like this? What changes have been going on with you lately? What changes are happening with me you're probably wondering? A few that I'm excited for and at the same time nervous about and as soon as they happen, I'll be sure to mention them here! (but there is a good possibility it has something to do with where we're living!)

In the mean time, from saving change in our big change jug, we now have $500 for spending on vacation next week!!!! I'm telling you, it pays to save change!!

Frugal tip Fridays will be all about saving while travelling and Cheap fun things to do on a vacation to the Big Island, Hawaii! We've been there before and I've posted (you can see under Actual Travelling) but these adventures will be new!  I'll also be posting from Hawaii! Can't wait to be here

 again soon and to share with you guys from there!!

Happy (well barely) Wordless Wednesday to you!


  1. I am sure you did very well on your tests. You have been working hard! And a vacation is much deserved.

  2. You have an awesome attitude toward the changes Nikki. I love it! That's why we all love you!


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