Friday, April 22, 2011

Frugal tip Friday - packing cheap to fly

Checking a bag today can cost 25$ per bag per flight, add an interisland flight to that and we will be paying 100$ to bring one checked bag with us! Before these charges were put into place, I would bring one checked bag and Martin would bring one checked bag. Now, we are consolidating and saving, and we'll be squishing our clothes, shoes etc into one checked bag, with carry on's. We're going on vacation for a week and that means clothes for the beach, dressy clothes for going out, workout clothes for hiking, and lounge clothes for walking around...which also means, flip flops, heels and a pair of sneakers for the hike! (minus the heels for Martin lol). I figured out a way to fit all this into one bag...and two carry on's:) Rolling clothes! Every shirt, bathing suit, shorts, dress will be rolled and everything actually fit! With some room to spare! (barely any...but at least the suitcase isn't busting out at the seems lol).  Here is how our suitcase came out- not too bad right? We just might need an iron when we get there!
 And you better believe I'm packing ear wigs for the both of us! The airline was charging 3$ per set last time!

Hawaii here we come!

ps I find out whether I passed my comps while I'm over there...I'll let you know what happens!! :) Check back next week to read about whatever crazy (and as always inexpensive) adventure we go on! (I'm so excited to tell you too that we're going on vacation with my sister and her husband so the posts will include those two characters too!! )

Aloha and Happy Frugal Tip Friday!


  1. Awesome packing! Another idea is to send yourself your clothes in a box to the hotel- as long as you save the heavier stuff for the plane that can be a cheep way to have stuff with you too:)

  2. If they wouldn't charge so much, they might find that they make more money. You are smart doing it that way. Can't wait to hear from you when you are back!


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