Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Regifting: a Taboo with Rules to Gift by

Regifting can be a great way to save money while giving someone a gift that you might not love but that someone else would! especially after the holidays!

This is a difficult topic to tackle as its often a taboo subject. But why should it be? As long as a few rules of etiquette are followed, I think regifting could really become a great way to give gifts! Just think about that shirt that just isn't your color, but your sister would love, or that book that you already have one of, that your best friend would love!  You are, in a sense, acting as a vessel for their gift receiving happiness! As for the "rules" that I think are important when regifting, here are a few that I use that I thought you  might like!

1- Make sure to rewrap the gift with fresh wrapping paper. Even if it only requires a little piece of tape, its important because this is a new gift from you and so deserves your special wrapping touch.

2 - Check to see if there are any inscriptions or personalized notes on the gift before giving to someone else. This can be particularly embarressing if the receiver finds a note to you from someone else! If it is a book, there is really no way to regift this one, but you can donate to a used book store!

3 - If you are giving clothing, make sure the size of the piece matches the person you are giving it too! There's nothing worse than receiving way too small or way too large clothing, especially from someone who knows your size!

 4- Make sure to do your research first and ask the person who gave you the gift where they got it from in case the person you give the gift too asks where to find another!

5- Check to make sure price tags are off of the gift. Just because the person who gave you the gift left it on, doesn't mean you have to!

6- If regifting becomes a habit, make sure you keep track of who gives you what gift, so you don't give the same gift a person gave you back to them!

7- Make sure the item looks new. If it looks like its been used or dirty, its really not the kind of gift you want to regift (unless the person you're giving it to knows you are regifting it and doesn't mind the dirty or the used, which in case more power to you!)

With todays financial world the way it is, regifting is a wonderful idea to never forget anyone during the Holidays! Please are even having regifting parties I've heard.  hmmm maybe next year!

Happy Regifting!!!

(just think twice before regifting Aunt Zelda's fruit cake from last year)


  1. Perfection! I think we've all either been the recipient of one of these errors, or HORRORS, done one ourself!

  2. I want an Aunt Zelda and I want her to make fruit cake :)

    Good list!

  3. I love the idea of regifting and your etiquette guidelines are spot on. I love the idea of regifting parties.


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