Friday, January 7, 2011

Frugal Tip Friday - for your tea bath!

Give yourself a Tea Bath!

"Over 1,000 years ago Princess Yang Yu Huan (Yang Gui Fei) was the mistress of Tang Dyntasty Emperor Tang Ming Huang.  Her beauty has been documented in various history books; it was said that her smile was so overwhelming that it was enough to topple cities.  The princess took meticulous care of her beauty by bathing regularly in herbs, milk and teas.  She used tea picked from the highest peak for bathing, believing that high-grown tea absorbs the essences and power of Yin and Yang (Yin--moon, Yang--sun). " From here

Living in the city can get stressful. Running from here to there, catching the train and bus, getting to work on time, getting to classes on time. The other night I had a rough day and I really wanted a nice relaxing bath. I looked around our bathroom for some bath salts or bath suds, all out. I looked around the kitchen for some oats, all gone. So I got to thinking, what could I use to infuse my bath with some flavor? And then I found my stash of teas. I hoard teas. I love having a bunch of different kinds to choose from and cuddle up with. I just bought a box of chamomile tea for around $5. So I threw 4 bags of tea into the bath! It was wonderful! And really neat to see the bath change color slightly from clear to yellow, orange brownish (if thats a color!) The relaxing smell of chamomile just soothed every thought and calmed every worry. It was such a wonderful bath and I saved a ton using tea bags instead of chamomile oil which can cost upwards of 20$ for a small bottle of the essential oil. Here’s to a relaxing 2011!

Enjoy your tea bath and Happy Frugal Tip Friday!

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  1. That DOES sound awesome!!!! Love chammomile! And...I SO SO want the tub in your picture above! That is beautiful:)

  2. How about a peppermint tea to invigorate! Oh dear Miss Nikki, I do believe you have created a monster! :P

  3. I'll have to try this! I'm a tea hoarder too.=) Thanks for sharing!


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