Friday, July 23, 2010

Frugal Tip Friday - how to pineapple your mango!

I love fresh mango but I've never really been sure how to cut them to get the most meat so whenever I want one, I usually stop at the Wawa in Jersey or another QuickStop and pay the $3.50. Usually the mango is hard, light colored and doesn't taste very fresh or sweet. I've tried to buy them myself. I've cut pieces with the skin and tried to eat it that way, but the skin doesn't too good! I've tried peeling the skin and then just biting into the hunk of mango, but I usually end up knawing on the middle part with more mango juice on me than in my mouth! I was thinking the other day how to get the most meat from the mango and I remember a Rachel Ray Show I watched awhile back about how to cut a pinneapple. She cut the bottom where the flower part is, and sat the flat part on the cutting board or counter. Then she cut away the skin in thin strips and starting cutting larger pieces from top to bottom of the pinneapple. I remembered this and I picked up a conventionally grown mango for 1$ at the veggie stand. Luckily mangoes are one of the few foods that are okay to eat conventionally grown see more about that here so I only had to spend 1$!  And I got to thinking, to save money on fruit and to get more meat from the fruit, why not pinneapple your mango! Here's how -

First, after washing your mango, cut the bottom portion off so that it can sit flat on your cutting surface.
Next, start cutting the skin off the mango in very slim slices.
After this, you can start to cut into that delicious mango fruit!  Keeping the mango standing on the flat part, cut from top to bottom, just like a pinneapple, around the core of the mango.

Afterwards you have a beautiful big bowl of freshly cut mango for only1$!! I was so excited to chomp into this!
Happy Friday!!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. You won't believe how happy I am to get the mango lesson. I have never had one until last week I bought one on a whim. I had no idea how to cut it. I loved the taste. Now I can buy and cut a mango with confidence. Thank you.
    I am visiting from NFF.

  2. Well now I can cut a pineapple AND a mango! You are a smart cookie!

  3. It was always a problem to me.
    You just helped a lot with those tips!
    I really enjoyed your post, Nikki!
    And thanks so much for your comments and support.
    It means a lot!.
    Always great to hear from you!! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Big hugs,
    B xx

  4. now, this? PERFECT! I just bought a mango tonight and was wondering how to cut and eat it (i've never had one before!) now? Tomorrow I am set!

  5. Looks delish and a good way to cut! I'll have to try that. I end up losing too much fruit the way I do it.
    I love making mango salsa for my salmon!


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