Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Thursday with Murdocks Mama!

Outside my window.. the sun is shining in blocked shapes along the building next door

The time is.. 9:51am

Today I feel.. alittle tired from this week, I just want the weekend to come now.

I am thinking..I wonder if the bottom of my ceramic starbucks cup is cracked, it keeps leaking little drops whenever I put it down.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for flexibilty and understanding and family.

I am going.. go for a run today on my lunch break

I am wearing.. brown skirt, gray top and black crocs

I wish.. for health and happiness.

I am reading..the morning NY Metro newspaper. I have to find a good book, I've been slacking on reading those lately!

I am working on..getting to the next semester with good grades!

I am hoping.. we have beautiful weather this weekend! (I agree with you there!)

I am hearing.. the hum of computers.

Around the house.. well I know the plants are watered and lealu has food in her bowl!

I bet you didn't favorite place growing up were summers in Long Beach Island NJ, its the cleanest and all round best beach I've ever been to! maybe second to here in hawaii -

One of my favorite.. foods is a freshly cut mango

My weekend plans include.. kayaking and going to the lakehouse to see our new kitchen!

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  1. Good for you running on your lunch's been 2 weeks since I ran! :( It's just soo humid right now in Iowa. I've decided I'm a Spring & Fall runner! :) I have never been to Long Beach but would LOVE to!!! I didn't know you kayaked?! Good for you...I've heard it's tough! Enjoy your weekend [I hope it comes fast too!] Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I had a friend introduce me to mango recently and I love it! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Stoppin' by from Murdock's Mama!

  3. Beautiful weather here too please. haha. Sorry I missed you in the chat room. It's always open.

  4. That's awesome you run on your lunch break! I would look like a disgusting mess if I did that. I practically give my self a quick makeover every morning. Not sure my co workers could handle it! LoL

    Isn't it a great sense of accomplishment when all the plants are watered and the pets are fed? It makes me feel like a success. I know, I'm impressed easily.

    You have a lake house? I am SO. JEALOUS.

    Hope you have a great Friday!

    Stopping over from Just Thursday! You are welcome to come visit me anytime.


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