Monday, May 3, 2010

Lovely Family Weekend

Happy Monday! I wanted to write a note and say  thanks to everyone who has followed along with my Earth 10 Day Experiment. I will have a recap with photos of the all the plastic for you tomorrow. This weekend was a whirlwind of wonderful family parties so I didn't get to bake the bread, and what good is a recap without a loaf of handmade bread?? :) I'm really excited also to share with you my little plastic sewing project that I made that I made with all the leftover plastic I had after the 10 days. After the experiment officially ended Saturday it was nice to continue my habits, like carrying around my reusable Starbucks glass mug everywhere I went!

This weekend my sister was in town and we went to my little cousins first communion, she was absolutely gorgeous! We had a lunch, and afterwards my sister and I met up with another bridesmaid who's going to be in her wedding and we took her out for a little bachelorette Indian dinner, then off to my moms and the next day to a Winery called Laurita Winery in NJ for my Gram's 75th birthday. It was beautiful. We had a tour of the fields, and treated my Mom for tasting and lunch for Mothers Day, and then we took my Gram to a surprise B&B for her birthday! It was gorgeous and on the premises of the Laurita Winery. She was so surprised and touched my tough cookie Grammom actually cried, and I swear she looked like a little girl. It was the funniest thing, I was watching her and a flash of her as a  young girl crying in her hands just popped into my mind and I got all teary then too:) In a little dining area we had her cake and she opened her gifts, it was really perfectly planned! What a beautiful and fun place to have a birthday or anyother kind of party. Bridal showers would be really nice there if you wanted to have something in the NJ area.  By the time we got the lakehouse and then back home, we were sacked out, but it was worth it and so wonderful to see everyone and spend some quality moments together.  No bread makin' for me that night, I just passed out!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, see you tomorrow for my Earth Day Experiment recap!


  1. That does sound like a lovely weekend, and a lovely thing to do for your grandma!!

  2. Nice weekend. Sounds like your grandma really enjoyed her birthday!


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