Friday, April 30, 2010

Earth Day 9 - almost to the end of my experiment and green & frugal tip friday!

Last night I made wild salmon from a frozen package that I got at Whole Foods. While it was delicious, the packaging that I had to get through to finally get to the salmon was ridiculous. First I tried to tear alittle tear at the top of the colored plastic bag, that didn't work, so I had to use scissors and really tear into it. Then there were plastic shrink wrapped around the individual pieces of salmon. I have all the plastic with me in my garbage bag lol. Thank God I only have to do this until tomorrow. One thing I did learn was that it is better to buy fresh. If I'm going to spend money on the wild salmon I might as well buy the fresh and just freeze it, and not have to worry about all the plastic. I swear, the plastic on the outside looked and felt like it will never degrade, like the toughest material on earth. I really want to do something with it, I just don't know what. I wish I could take the plastic that I've collected over this past week (cause thats all I have left, is plastic) and sew it together to make something... maybe a purse or something. I'll see how creative I can get tonight.
Its kind of ironic, the wild salmon that I bought that was all wrapped in plastic, plastic that is meant to keep it clean, and there was just a huge oil spill (used to be make the plastic) in the southern border of the US that is polluting all the fish in the ocean. It just doesn't make sense. I was thinking about what I could do help, but I guess the only thing is to stop buying these crazy plastics that the oil riggers work to make.

Check out the Oil Spill Story on Fox News.

Yesterday I was walking through a store and I was so happy, I saw cardboard boxes of biodegradeable plastic garbage bags! And this wasn't in a whole foods or a health food store, it was in a regular grocery store! In my head, I went - the world, it is a changin'. (it kinda sounded like a song:)) And I'm happy to say that I'm changing too:)

I missed Frugal tip Fridays I decided to just add one today that is Green & Frugal!

I used to throw away my plastic shower liners and just buy a new one. Call me a dumb college student, cause I was:) I learned how to never have to buy another shower liner and to clean the one I had at the same time, which means not having to throw away more plastic, cause how funny would that look if I walked around all day with a shower liner?? and brought a shower liner to work?? lol. (see past posts, since Earth Day I'm carrying around all the garbage that cannot be recycled, composted or reused until tomorrow)

All you have to do is put your shower liner in the washing machine with a towel (to avoid ripping), and then hang to dry. Just wash with cold water!
Tomorrow I'm going to do a recap of everything that I learned, that I have, and homemade bread, with pictures! Thanks for stopping by, for playing along while I do my wacky experiment and Happy Friday Follow!


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  2. Take a picture of all that plastic. That would be eye opening I bet.

  3. Hi Nikki! Great post! Also, just wanted to let you know that your blog is my Blog Of The Week for this week and until next friday. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I've started buying the fabric liners. I don't have to worry about rippping. I can't wait to read your recap on this experience.

  5. Friday-following you now, please follow back!

  6. great post.. the oil spill story is absolutely sad to see how its spreading and having a wider effect then expected.. it's unbelievable..

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  8. I am amazed t the plastic that is used to rap everything. I just one some reusable produce excited!

    Really, you can put a shower curtain liner in the washing machine...I hate cleaning those things. Brilliant!

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