Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Earth Day 10 Committment Recap!

This Earth 10 Day Experiment Committment was really worth it. It is a great way to feel a recommitment to the earth and to recycling. Saving all the garbage truly helped me to remember that what I'm throwing away doesn't just go away, it stays, and most of it will stay for quite a long time, years maybe hundreds of years. Its sad, just how much we've had after 10 days, of mostly plastic that I can't throw out. Just thinking that my bag of garbage gets doubled 7 million times from all the people in the world using it, makes me just sad, especially since its not recyclable, and will probably end up in an ocean somewhere. The poor fish, they are just living and swimming and use very little to survive and I honestly feel sort of obnoxious and pushy now with the garbage I'm throwing away, like I'm saying - "oh no little fishes, we need this area for our garbage, our leftovers. Its going in your area because we can't live with our garbage, that would be gross. So you're left with it." It makes me so sad. I buried a big paper bag of compost when we went to the lakehouse. Soon we should have our new composter, so that will help with composting and I won't have to use a paper bag anymore.

What I learned - composters are awesome. With recycling and composting, we've had the same garbage now for almost 3 weeks, well this Friday it will be 3 weeks filled with stuff that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.
I love my Starbucks cup and reuse it and bring it everywhere I go. It is wonderful to not have to worry about recycling the lids!

Biodegradeable plastic is the best and I appreciate that the general grocery store sells biodegradeable plastic bags now!

What I'm left with -
lots of plastic, and thats pretty much it. here is a photo-

And here is what I'm keeping for sandwich bags, and to pack toiletries in for trips-

So there's not that much that we're throwing away, although I'd rather it be nothing!

Changes from this Experience -
1- we now compost!
2- Before I make purchases I look to see if the plastic is recycleable, and if its not, I either don't buy that one or make sure I can reuse it somehow.
3- I now bake my own bread and I use my old bread bags!

Baking the bread was surprisingly so easy! Just needed butter, milk, I used organic wheat flour, active dry yeast & alittle sugar! It was pretty neat to watch it rise!

I put some dried herbs on top to make it look pretty!

The handmade bread in an old bread bag ready to be put in the freezer!
Thank you so much for visiting for my Final Earth Day Recap! (I was up late baking last night, please excuse the bags under my eyes lol)


  1. I don't think I want to know how much waste I am throwing out. That's quite an experiment. And your bread looks super yummy.

  2. I think you look great- especially after baking all night! I can't believe how little garbage you had! that is awesome! I'll have to share with you Elijah's idea for garbage sometime.

  3. Rubbish collection yesterday in the Diggestive Household consisted of 1 bag rubbish, 4 bags of recycling ( 2 card & 2 Plastic).

    Thanks for highlighting this important message.


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