Friday, May 28, 2010

Frugal tip Friday - for your summer travel extras!

Whenever I go on vacation I forget the little things that I usually have to end up buying when we get to whereever we're going. Its not a very frugal practice! So this coming vacation next week I really wanted to have everything together and with me. Things like q-tips, bandaids, razors & makeups. Throwing all of those together in my makeup bag would not work, especially because if the makeup leaks, it gets all over the q-tips and the razors, and things just get messy. I found a way to not spend money and keep all these things separate! By using these:
This may look like garbage at first glance, but during earth week I realized how much plastic I was throwing away and how much I could reuse. These resealable reuseable plastic bags were high in my list of finding out how to reuse, and this is the perfect way! I had planned on sewing the outsides of each bag together to make one large bag with separate compartments but I soon realized that would require all the bags to be the same size, and since I wasn't about to go spend more money on food just to have these bags, they are just as good not sewed together. Each bag is resealable which means, as they are stuffed into my suitcase or travel bag, they won't be leaking any makeup onto my clothes or spilling out into other areas of my travel luggage. This is a really wonderful way on saving on travel bags while being green and reusing plastic!
Q tips went in here:

Makeup in here:
and razors and bandaids in here (lol I just realized that combo isn't exactly asking for a safe shave!)
And if you're from Tickled Pink, I'm so excited to be featured on Holly's Tickled Pink Friday and I want to thank her so much!! I love her blog, her decorating and style is the best I've ever seen. Stop by and check out the awesome blogs at Tickled Pink!

Happy Friday to you and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. That's a great idea. I can't believe I've never thought of that. WOW great way to be frugal and green!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great idea once again! Me? Totally guilty of the same thing- missing stuff and having to pay extra for it, and having my makeup spill all over. Such fun!!

  4. I am so...well...TICKLED for you! Don't ya just love Holly! And like I said to her, I love you and all your wonderful ideas. This one is great. I have always used just ziplocked bags. But this makes it fun...and frugal. Nice. Congrats.

  5. Smart! Thank you so much for linking up to our Fabulous Friday party. Please add a link back or grab out button to attach to this post as I'd love this savvy post to be able to stay up. Thank you again & hope to see you back next Friday!
    Heather @

  6. Great idea again! I try to reuse "stuff" as often as possible...oatmeal canister for kids toys, etc.

  7. Good thinking! I know what you mean about my makeup getting all over my q tips! This is a great solution, and a great way to be GREEN!


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