Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kinetic Go Green Food Container - I finally left plastic...

I finally did it! I switched us from plastic to glass to go containers. And we use alot of them everyday. Hubs uses them for breakfast now and lunch, and I use one for lunch. Besides that the plastic ones leak when I have something in it like salad dressing or olive oil, whenever I put something just cooked in one I get nervous about all the stories with the plastic leaking chemicals into the food. I'll hold onto them though just to store a sandwich or other food that isn't heated and not liquidy.  I was contacted by CNS and given the chance to do a review of these awesome green, frugal & healthy Kinetic Go Green Glass food storage containers, I thought, no more worries!  I have to tell you I just started using them today and I love them! I love the snap lids that don't leak, I love the heavy duty of the glass, I love the way they look in the fridge. They are also freezer safe. I tried putting my Rubbermaid plastic ones in the freezer and one cracked in half when I took it out. They are definetly not freezer friendly! The Kinetic Go Green glass containers are also top rack dishwasher safe but are not for use in an oven. I would really like them to be, but for now I'll settle without that. They are safe to use in a microwave and are non-reactive and non-toxic which is a nice part too!  Here is what we were using (about 3 years old):

and here is what we're now using!!
see how it snaps!? The lid is plastic though fyi but I'm thinking it doesn't touch the food, so its ok.
I would definetly recommend them! I got them here and for a set of 3 the price is not too bad, on sale for 12.99. If you're ready to switch, they are a great buy!
How pretty does that look!?
On top of how pretty it looks, another reason to leave plastic, here is a excerpt from the president's cancer panel:
"Don't heat plastic…ever. Heating plastic in the microwave or dishwasher causes it to break down and leach chemicals into our food and drink. Some of these chemicals are tied to cancer, sexual development problems, and infertility. Start phasing out your plastics and instead use ceramic, glass, and stainless steel food and water containers and bottles."
And from one of my fave sites
"Finally, the U.S. government's talking prevention. Real prevention. Not a scan to detect a disease already growing in your body, but rather, the idea of reducing exposure to environmental toxins—like chemicals used in farming and in plastics—to reduce the risk of cancer. The newly released Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk, What We Can Do Now report from the President's Cancer Panel urges the public to eat foods grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and antibiotics, while suggesting practical advice such as not heating plastic in the microwave and not using water bottles that may contain BPA, or bisphenol A, a chemical linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and heart disease."
Leave your plastic!!
:) Nikki


  1. This is SO great! I am planning a big re-do of my cabinets soon. Plastic out. Glass in!

  2. That's going to be so hard for me because i drink a lot of water and I re-use my smart water bottles. I cna't stand the way it tastes out of the metal water bottles you buy. I've tried so many of them too. I have to drink 3 liters a day and I can't do it in metal.

  3. Those are worthy of serving side dishes and such in at your dinner table. Thanks for the link up to their site.

  4. I love CSN.... they have everything!

  5. great idea. I was thinking of this too, and wondering how it would go with young children. The boys use a lot of containers with lunches/ect, and wonder if glass would be a problem. I'll have to look into it!

  6. Hey there! Congrats on the Tickled Pink feature over at Holly's place. I'm so glad she sent me over here! I'm loving your blog! Can't wait to try the laundry soap! You ROCK!

    Happy weekend to ya!



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