Monday, June 7, 2010

back from Vacation & wedding pics!

Last week we went away to the lakehouse for about 5 days of fun vacation!! It was awesome to sleep late, and go on walks, and go out to eat, and go rowing on the lake, and have a visit from my newly married sister. After the days there, we dropped Lealu puppy off at my inlaws and we headed down to Cape May for my sisters big day. We were all worried it would rain, and it turned out to be gorgeous, alittle hot (I was sweating out the back of my dress! lol) but gorgeous. Here are some pictures from the wedding weekend!!! Enjoy!!!!
me and martin below:) he's walking me up the isle this time!
the beautiful bride.
the decoration and namecard
my cousins little boy - what a cutie right!?
the married couple on the roots of the willow tree
the wedding party!
the baby flower girl:)
the Chalfonte hotel
I just love this picture:)
the table
the cake

some  crazy dancing going on!
My speech that went like this: I'm so grateful that my beautiful sister and such a wonderful man found their lifelong loves in eachother. John you are already part of the family, and Stef I couldn't imagine a more wonderful sister (I was going to say awesome but I didn't think people would "get" that). May you have all the love laughter and friendship that this journey may hold. To Stef and John!

my cousin taking the photos caught us in a funny moment:)

We rented a really nice condo at a house in Cape May right down the street from the beach and the little village there. It was so nice, with 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom, kitchen and living room, 2 nights for 4 people totaled 500$ which was cheaper than the hotel! So that was good to save on. I definetly recommend the place for a stay if you are looking to vacation in Cape May NJ. It is located at 808 Washington Street. Here are a few photos:

the Mr. & Mrs. off to their honeymoon in florida!
and two married ladies after a late night of partying:) I was tired all day yesterday to say the least! but it was well worth it!


  1. Congrats to your sis. Looks like the wedding was beautiful!

  2. She is so lovely and well she is adorable. Everything and everyone looked gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful wedding she had! I love the colors she chose and it all looks so elegant! You look amazing too!!

  4. Yay! I love how the awning is green matches the bridesmaid dresses!

    My FAVE pic is them leaving for the honeymoon- they seem so relaxed and happy!

  5. Everyone looks so gorgeous!


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