Thursday, April 29, 2010

Earth Day 8 - with solar lighting!

Yesterday morning I composted my tea bag, brought my lunch in tupperware, saved the plastic fork to bring home to put in the dishwasher, then met Martin to see Banana Shpeel which is an awesome new Cirque de Soleil show! It was a great show! Honestly though I wouldn't bring kids to this one. They had one scene where a clown was caught with a dancer (as part of the show) in a trunk kissing, and not just kissing with their lips touching, like groping all over open mouth kissing. They also had a scene (which I loved but again, not kid appropriate) where about 12 dancers danced seductively about what love means. They groped, pushed each other away, lifted, spun, he caught her a few times, and made out. I loved it and thought it was very sensual and had great symbolism but I felt bad for the dad sitting next to me who brought his kids next to him to see the show. I ran out of water in my Siggy, so the only garbage I had was a bottle of water that went into recycling, and then afterwards we went out for food at this great hummus place. Yum. I love hummus especially with eggplant and falafal.

Today I had the same garbage, with the addition of an apple core. Yaye! I feel really good about this week and recycling!

What I learned - I found out that the little windows on envelopes can totally go into the recycling bin with the envelope. I was cutting them out at work and separating them, but they are put through a machine when recycled that does that for us! So you can totally not worry about it and throw your window envelopes into the recycling.

Guess what all the containers below have in common??

They are made of corn!! and biodegradable:)
There is a great website I was turned onto called Biodegradeable Store where they have all kinds of cups, bowls, plates and utensils actually made of corn and sugar! Check it out, its really cool!

I've been looking into some new lighting for our lakehouse. We are working on building our own deck (thats going to be a big project!) and I'd really like to use some solar lights for to put outside. I found this awesome one that actually goes underneath an umbrella and lights below it!
and these would be really cool on the ground-

or this one-

Cute right!? Its pretty cool that Solar lights are offered for personal homes like this. I think the little lights above would look really cute on the posts on the deck. We'll see though, we have to get the deck done first I guess lol.:)


  1. We have solar lights like that! I love them! They just come on at night and are wonderful

  2. We neeeed solar lights. The walk to our front door is dark and scary!

    How weird(yet cool) that those containers are made from corn!

    You have totally rocked your recycling this week.

  3. Hi there! Stopping by from the FF!

  4. I want some solar lights in front of my house. Chances that Hubs will install them? Slim to none.


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