Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - Lealu and her big greenie

A few weeks ago I went onto the greenie treat website (greenies are the those green super healthy treats for puppys) and submitted for a free greenie sample. It came in the mail yesterday and Lealu loved it. I mean she wouldn't let it go. It was the funniest thing. I've never seen her so protective over a bone. I mean, she's got about 7, literally 7 bones, under the coffee table where she hides and eats them, so this bone must've been special! Here's what happened after I gave it to her -
Here she is after burying it in the blankets on the couch-"Darn she saw me!"

So she gets the bone, jumps off the couch - "Where the heck can I hide this darn thing now she's watching me?"
"Darn she hit me with the camera flash again! I hate that thing!"

"I'll give you one pretty picture of me and then you have to leave me alone and stop with the pictures until I bury my bone okay?"

After Lealu wandered off and buried her new greenie bone for later, she jumped back on the couch and sat with me:) "Ha ha ha, no one knows where I buried my greenie!"


  1. That is so cute!

    just stopped by from SITS; hope you will do the same.

  2. She has such pretty eyes!!! thats so cute...
    I'll have to look for a fun bone for Stridey- he hasnt had a treat in a while! Love ya!

  3. Nikki, Thank you so much for your KIND words. That means a lot.
    Great pics ! Your dog is so cute, and you're just beeautiful!
    hugs hugs

  4. awe she's the cutest thing ever! i can't wait 'til we get a dog. :)

  5. That must be some good stuff!

    Cute dog!

  6. Awww! Lealu is a cutie!

    Popping in from SITS to say hi!

  7. That is sooooo cute! My dogs don't hide their bones... sad!

  8. That last one with the look on her face is precious! I wonder what is going on in her mind...

  9. Lealu is a beauty :)
    I know pets can be bit camera shy. My pets dogs used to give me a hard time when I tried to shoot them while they were in their play or naughty mood.

    Thank you Nikki for visiting my blog.

    Hope to stay in touch.


  10. My dog does that too. What IS that all about? She acts like we're going to take her bone, and just keeps carrying it around and around and around...


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