Friday, November 13, 2009

Frugal Tip Friday - Christmas decoration #2!

Frugal Tip Friday: Christmas Decoration #2 put together for only 10$!

The other day I was thinking about what I could use to spruce up the table. We sit there sometimes to eat but other times we'll be in the living room eating, and I wanted to do something pretty for the holidays at the table in our apartment. I went to Michaels recently, I love that store!!!

I got lots of goodies like green stuffing (2$)

and one really beautiful silver sparkly fake flower (3$).

Next I stopped at the Dollar Store and

bought five dark red almost maroon poinsetta flowers wth some berries on them (spent 5$).

I went home and found a water pitcher in the cabinet. you can use an old water pitcher or mason jar or an actual vase if you want. I took the pitcher, stuffed the green stuffing inside, and arranged the flowers in the stuffing and whalla! A 10$ Christmas flower centerpiece for our little table!!! Its always nice to have the flowers of the holiday around to bring a little extra spirit:) And using one "expensive" flower really spruced up the ones from the Dollar Store. Take a look!

(don't mind the tomatos, they are out to ripen!)

ps - Thanks for all your advice guys on yesterdays blog, sometimes I just get overwhelmed with stuff and its nice to know I can "talk" to you about it! Thanks again for being there!


  1. that is gorgeous!! you are so creative :)

  2. Great job...and great ideas. I'll have to do something like that for my Christmas table.


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