Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday! And a Yoga Pose - Bridge!

Yoga classes are great for all you runners out there! And great if you are looking to open up the tension that can get stuck in the body. I try and do a free yoga classes with the girls at work, it helps to calm after a long day and to help with overall relaxation and happiness. One of the poses we did is below, it is called a Bridge Pose, or Sethu Bandhasana. This pose is wonderful for opening and strengthening the hips and chest, while working the glutes and the triceps on the arms all at the same time. Wanna try it? Heres how:

1- Lay down on back on mat or floor or ground.

2- bring feet towards pelvis, place hands palms down next to pelvis.

3- take a deep breathe in, and as you breathe out, lift your pelvis towards the sky, and breathe out. While your pelvis is lifted, take another breathe in, and then out, and then another breathe in, and as you breathe out, lower your pelvis to the ground.

That was a warm up! For this!

4- Same position as before. Deep breath in and lift the pelvis towards the sky, and exhale while pelvis is lifted. Next deep breath in, and slowly walk the shoulders underneath the back, and reach for your hands underneath your pelvis, and exhale. Your hands are either bound now or as far as feels comfortable. Take a deep breath in, lifting the pelvis, and exhale, another in, and then on your exhale, release your hands and lower your pelvis down towards the ground. Windshield wiper your knees from side to side. Great job! Here is what it looks like done:)


  1. holy wow. i'd die. lol

    i tried yoga once and it threw out my back. booooo

    my hubby does it every morning though. he's a rockstar just like you!

  2. I have only done yoga with the Wii Fit. I like that.

  3. good morning! i finally got up the award you gave me many moons ago and i tried to let you know yesterday that it was up, but somehow there weren't enough hours in the day! so thanks again! and if you get a sec come check out who I passed it on to!


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