Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Tip Friday - A Frugal Date Night!

Every so often my Gram emails me forwards of "the good old days" and different pictures of times from when she was younger (I won't be specific about the years but you can guess!). She recently sent me a bunch of pictures and one really stuck out at me and gave me the idea for this weeks Frugal Tip Friday- Frugal Tip Date Night!

Here's what you need: a blanket, a picnic basket, food, maybe a bottle of wine and some space on your living room floor.
I've figured that everytime we go out to eat we spend about 60 dollars on drinks, food, tip and tax, that is alot! Instead of spending way way WAY to much going out to eat, bring the date home and make a picnic on your living room floor (and spend the cash you saved on a weeks worth of grocerys!)
There are a few rules to follow though in order to make it a real date night - 1) No TV! Keeping the tv on makes it easier to connect with the tv and not with your mate. 2) The kids should be asleep or with a babysitter for the night in case things get steamy:) 3)Pets should also be kept in another room or with a petsitter so that they don't see food on the ground and think its for them.

Place all food, silverware, napkins, wine bottle, wine opener and glasses on blanket. You want to place everything that you think you'll be using and need so you don't have to get up again! Remember your living room floor is standing in for the ground and if you were actually picnicing, you would only have what you brought in your basket. For some reason being on the floor and eating and drinking just brings out a playfullness, so much more than sitting at a dinner table. Maybe because when we're children, on the floor we played and talked and relaxed and the dinner table was for more strictly talking and eating? Try it and let me know what you think!
You can even get all dressed up and wear a cute dress!

Another plus - When you're finished with your wine bottle, you can use it for a vase for dried flowers! I did and threw in a dried sprig of pine I got from Michaels! (4 dollars) Here is what it looks like!


  1. what a fabulous idea!! hubby and i always talk about having a 'home picnic', but never got around to doing it. you ROCK :)

  2. Great idea! Eating out is very expensive these days!

  3. Nice post - living room pictures ..Keep Posting

    living room pictures

  4. I like that idea and i use to do it very often.I like nature you see.
    Happy Halloween!

  5. perfect! I love that type of date, it is so much easier than going out and hassling with people!

  6. Wonderful snaps! I like the photographs. Thanks for sharing such cherish moments here. I like this site. It is nice to post here.


  7. Hi Nikki! Love your photos! Great idea:) LOL Stef


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