Friday, September 18, 2009

A Magical Fall Wedding in Harrisburg, Pa

A very good friend, Laura, and her now husband, Dave had their wedding in Pennsylvania this past Saturday! Her ceremony took place at this gorgeous A frame Unitarian Church along a wooded road with lots of pretty trees surrounding it. At 4 o'clock guests had arrived and the wedding party began their walk down the isle. Their dresses were a beautiful truffle color and her dress was such a pretty champagne with rhinestones all around. She looked so magical and sparkling! One thing that I LOVED LOVED LOVED about her wedding that I had never experienced in one before (not even in my own) was her music. Her piano player played really cool love songs from different movies (including Reality Bites - U2 song "When All I Want if You") which was beautiful! and another was Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but it was just the piano, it was truly the perfect touch. Then, after everyone's speech, the piano player would play another song, all the way through, in the beginning it felt slightly long, but then as she continued to play, it was as if time had stopped for their moment. You know how some weddings feel alittle rushed because of just everything going on? I don't know about you, but for mine, I was nervous and I tried afterwards to remember everything about the way I felt at the moment marrying my husband, but it is now just difficult, I guess because I was so nervous in front of everyone that my mind wasn't focused on the moment. Well, this wedding was so not rushed! It was like throughout each song that played on, the sounds would inspire a different emotion that would bring new light to the room that the beautiful couple could experience together on stage. They seemed so "there" through the new experience of each new song, it was so nice to be a part of! After the ceremony we went to the Holiday Inn Harrisburgh for the reception. Everything was beautiful! Her flowers were fall colors, red, orange and yellow. Her dress sparkled in a way that matched her hair and her jewelry.. The food was delicious too! We had brushetta, salad, chicken and veggies, and finally her amazing strawberry and cream cake!! Mmmmm it was delicious and so pretty! (before we all ate it anyway). The open bar was very nice too, hehe. There was this drink that both Shannon (from milk and cuddles) and I had, I think it was Kalua and Cream...mmm it was so good! It was wonderful to spend time with amazing friends who I haven't seen in awhile. Laura (the bride), Shannon (milk and cuddles) and I lived together in Brooklyn NY at the end of my senior year in college. We lived and learned lol together for a while, and its so great to be a part of eachothers lives as we're getting older! At dinner my husband and I got a chance to sit next to Shan, Michael and their little Molly, who is so ADORABLE!! She is such a cutie and so giggly!

One of the best parts of the wedding was having the reception in a location that was so close to where we were sleeping. We could drink and party til late and dance and not worry about how to get home! It was such a great night of celebrating, drinking, friends, dancing and so much fun!!


  1. Congrats!!. Nice pics. So happy reading your post..of those happy people.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Awwww. Laura is gonna love this post! You captured her wedding perfectly Nic, it was really magical and special! I also loved getting to see you and Martin, and introduce you to our little Molly! Sending hugs to you! Love ya!

  3. I love weddings! That cake is fab!!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  4. thanks for your comments ladys!!! Yes, it was such a beautiful magical and happy wedding!! :)

  5. Just passing by to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog, and glad that post has become useful!
    Thank you so much
    Have a great Monday!

  6. Wedding are so much fun!! You could totally make that fall flower box. It was so easy. Speaking of weddings these would make perfect table center pieces as you can paint them any color, use any ribbon and flowers you want. lol

  7. Oh my goodness Nikki....I have absolutely NO IDEA how I missed this until today, and I am so sorry! What a beautiful post!! I am so so SO glad you had such a good time and liked the music and the colors and the flowers :) It was so nice to see you and Martin! I miss you all! We recently got the photo albums for our wedding and got to relive the day :) It was wonderful, and I am so glad to call you friend and so glad that you were there sharing that day with us. Love you Nikki! :) Happy Holidays!

  8. Wow that's neat! I had no idea that you and Shannon knew each other until I was pokin' around on your blog. That's really cool you lived together in college. :)

    Now I'm guessing that's how she found my blog lol I just love connections-- and that's an even neater one since you're friends!


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