Monday, September 21, 2009

Meme Monday!

This sounds like fun and I always love to talk about the upcoming shows I watch (since with school and work its not too many these days!) so here they are!

1- Greys Anatomy (thanks Lisa Anne for not revealing to me what happens next and who stays!) :) I love love love this show. The drama between the characters seems so real, not even like those old soaps I used to watch in highschool, and I love that everything takes place while they are trying to have lives while saving lives and working, Meredith is probably my favorite character:) (although I love Izzy too)

2 - Fringe - I watch this one with my husband, he is so in love with sci-fi tv shows and I'm starting to get there myself. Held my breath when the Olivia flew threw the windshield and thought she was dead!

3- The Office - Pam is pregnant!!!! yaye!! Loved the episode when Michael played jokes on everyone and it came out...perfect way for it to come out in that office lol.

4 - Private Practice - love watching an acupuncturist in a medical practice and seeing how he interacts in an eastern meets western medical office!

5 - Eureka - this is a really funny show about a group of genius people (another sci-fi) who get stuck in this weird other world, (with one police officer who happens to be of normal intelligence and was a freak accident that he got there too). (my hubby's pick again but I'm getting into it:))

what are your favorite tv shows coming on soon??? or were already on?? join the Meme Monday favorite tv shows at


  1. I LOVE the office, and I was kind of shocked to hear she was pregnant. Michael cracks me up!

  2. i too love the office - come check out my post under THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID - THIS ALMOST MAKES ME WANT TO WORK IN AN OFFICE AGAIN

    visiting from SITS, new follower, and i love the puppy's face!

  3. I love Dancing with the stars! Which starts tonight! I also love the Office, but I always catch it in reruns becuase I miss when its on the first time! I also really like Grey's Anatomy- and it makes me think of you Nic. Ya know why???? "You're my person"


    Ps. Michael sometimes makes me watch Fringe and Eureeka. They are ok, but not my favorites. But he really likes them!

  4. Oh I love the Office....and I didn't know Pam is pregnant... yay!! :) (as if I know her..)

    BTW- i love your wedding picture on your side bar!!

  5. thanks for your comments guys! Speaking from the crib - I'll be right over!! :) Shan - awww, yes i know why!! cause "you're my person" too!!!! :) hehe we should get them in a room with a tv so they can have their own sci-fi fest! hehe.
    thanks Melissa! our 1st anniversary is this weekend, its crazy its been a year already!

  6. Came over from Poolside to say hello

    Love the Office. Can't beat it in my book!

  7. I love The office as well!

  8. Um,,, I have so many shows its totally ridiculous!Kevin and I have to program DVR and remember to watch things we cant program and frankly its more than haywire!

    The short list?
    SYTYCD (love the dancing!)
    How i met your mother (makes me think of being there)
    Big bang theory (smart funny)
    ANTM -love the short models
    Office-pure joy
    Mental which is only on for the summer
    Lie to Me-which is freaking amazing and if you dotn watch it try..
    Project Runway
    Any 'Real Housewives show"
    Oprah and Dr. Oz
    Suze Orman
    Joel Osteen

    Kevin likes the Fringe but it creeps me out and I cant sleep

    I heart Grey's but I'm a whole season behind and I want to watch them in order
    I love Gossip Girl too but again, a season behind.
    Same with heroes.

    ohhh 30 Rock,, LOVE IT!
    there are just so many!

  9. I can't sleep either with the fringe!! eww creepy!

    and pam.. preggers... oh that's so fun.:)

    Thank you for playing along. :)

    Come back again next week.

  10. Thank You so much for stopping by my blog! I love fall shows... looooove the US office... new 90210... woohoo.... caliornication!!


  12. The Office. I'm an addict! I also like the new show Community -- well, the one episode I saw of it.

  13. stephanie I LOVE THE COMMUNITY!! I forgot to add that one but I saw the first episode and was cracking up!! lol:)


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