Thursday, September 17, 2009

Group Blog Thursday topic- "Does your husband mind being blogged about?"

After reading the Group Blog Thursday topic I thought to myself, should I write about this incase my husband might read it?? but here's the thing...if he reads it, he reads it and, well being married, I feel its important to be open and honest about everything, even stuff I'm writing in my blog, and if he reads it, he should've already known about it in the first place. With boyfriends and girlfriends, its a bit different just because, if the relationship isn't very serious, then blogging and friends might be of a higher priority than having that bond with the significant other. With that being said, I did write a blog about a guy friend who stayed over and visited with us on the nest, the blog was called "company overstay" (you get the idea)...anyways, somehow the friend searched me, found the blog (we hadn't been talking for alittle while too much) and emailed me about it, but didn't apologize or anything like that, just wrote to me his side of things. So I let my husband know what had happened and before I could fully explain, he said (probably just out of habit) "did you ever write a blog about me?" and I said "of course not, because we have an open and honest relationship and whatever I'd write about, I wouldn't have a problem tell you about." And after I explained what had happened with my friend, he understood the reason that I wrote to a few girlfriends on the nest just to vent.
Then I realized that I had written a blog involving him...on a giveaway for purple trail about 2 weeks ago where I had written about how purple trail was helping me plan a surprise bday party for him, and I told him he wasn't allowed to read it! (I'll make sure to let him know that the "secret aka the bday party" is talked about in this blog so he won't read it)

I think my husband would mind me writing a blog about something that I should be speaking to him about, like whether I have a problem with something or if I'm feeling a certain way about something, because we are both love eachother and want to invest that into our relationships instead of letting anything go for too long and me talking about it with other people. If someone is having problems in a relationship, I don't think they would be working on helping the situation by blogging about it because blogging and not letting your significant other read it, might just create a larger wall between two people. I think, if it is something that has already happened, like a funny experience you've had or a surprise party you're planning, then its okay because these things are not threatening to a relationship, and usually the significant other already has known about the funny experience and in a surprise bday party planning case, they can't know!

ps. The winner, calculated on, for the Purple Trail giveaway was Stefani at Beach Greetings LLC! Congrats Stef at !!


  1. I think just like everything on the internet, its a public venue. If your typing or in effect saying something that you wouldn't say aloud to that person then it should be pulled. More and more we are putting things out there that are not intended for others. So my feeling is, if its something truly personal and upsetting (even if it is to vent!),, do it in person with your friends (or phone date), worse case 1-1 private email (but we all know those sometimes go awry!).

    If we imagine the internet as a 'company memo' that is being sent to everyone everywhere at any time,, today tomorrow or next month. would you write something different?

  2. As someone said in today's comments, though, sometimes it's just easier to write it all out and have them read it. But the bad part is by the time they read it, they're not going to want everyone else to read it too! So what do you do? Write it out in a letter? I guess maybe that would get your thoughts down so you'll know how to express it?

  3. I basically agree with you Nic. I wouldn't write a blog complaining about, or with sensitive information in it about my husband or my daughter. I would feel like that was a violation of their privacy. In fact if I wasnt sure how they'd feel about something I'd ask before posting. I do that already with pictures. That said- I dont think it's a bad thing to ask friends for help when your trying to figure out a situation. Just not on a public forum. In your case Nic, the guy that overstayed his welcome had already done a pretty good job of disrespecting your relationship with him. So it was probably less a concern that he would read it and be hurt- also you didnt write his name or other identifiers. The fact that he read it, and still didnt seem to care he hurt you makes my sympathy for his side of things minimal:)

    It's an interesting question. As Molly grows up, I'll have to rethink what I post on her baby blog. Certainly only things that I feel confident wouldnt hurt her, or make her uncomfortable later. And at some point I'll just end it. At that point she can write there herself if she wants...or abandon it. But it will then be her choice what is shared about her life, not mine.

  4. thanks for the comments guys! I think its a really touchy subject, thanks Shan for your support with the "company" situation:) I agree with you guys that if it would disrespect your relationship, then its probably not a good idea. Shan - thats interesting about your baby blog, because its also a blog for you to blog about her (and its so nice for us who don't live too close to see how she's growing up!)...but its nice to check with her when she gets big enough about postings.

    Stephanie - I agree with you, a letter would work, the old fashioned way lol, of writing it out and then I guess mailing it. For some reason that seems a bit serious to me though, like I'm writing a final goodbye to someone, maybe I just don't write enough! lol.

  5. The BF I'm sure only like when I write nice things about him. I'm not sure he's even seen my blog or cares to be honest.

    I know if Izzy stays on Greys, I can spoil it for you if you want me too. lol

  6. Thank you so much for passing by and commenting on my blog. Thank you also for your kind words.
    You have a lovely blog!. I'm going to visit you soon.!!
    Have a great time!
    I totally agree with you with regard to the topic.

  7. thanks Lisa Anne and Betty!

    Lisa - please DON'T Spoil it for me!! although I would love to please don't tell me!!...but I really want to know just if she stays you know if George stays on too?? no, ok sorry, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME! :)

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