Monday, July 6, 2009

What a fun start to Summer!

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend! This past weekend was so much fun for us. It was filled with family, fun, food and DRIVING! lol:) Sometimes driving all over the place gets tiring, and it was, but it was so worth it to see all of our family in Jersey. First my sister and her fiance, Stef and John, came to the our lakehouse in North Jersey. They got there late at night, and we wanted to make sure Lealu would be okay with new people, so for the first hour, we had a muzzle on her. She did good, with the occasional time of trying to pull it off! Once she sniffed Stef and John and was comfortable with them in the house, we took it off and she was okay! It was a great relief because weshe can get really protective with new people. We had some food and lots of wine (well me and Stef had lots of wine, John and Martin had lots of beer:)) It was great just spending time and watching movies. That Saturday we first went to a little down called Sugerloaf, where there are ll these cute little artsy shops. One we went into I thought was a clothes store but it turned out to be a crochet shop that sold handmade crocheted items! So after speaking to the owner for alittle while, I mentioned to her that I'd been crocheting scarves and hats and shawls and I asked her how I'd go about and if it was even possible selling them there and she said yes! Because they are warm heavy yarn though, she said it would be good to sell them at the October fest at her store and see how we did then. Its so funny, that just kind of happened! My artist sister said she'd make me some labels to go on them:) Next, we stumbled upon this environmental art museum, which has sculputures built into the earth using earth. It was beautiful, one part had an installation that was actual waves made into the grass~ it looked like wavepool of earth! I forget the name but I will find out and type it in tomorrow. Then we cooked dinner at home and the next day went to my aunt debbies for my dad and my grammom's birthday (so exciting she's going on her first trip to Cali on the 13th with her girlfriend!) Next we went to my dads (poor lealu was driving all over the place with us) and stayed over there, and finally the next day went to my moms and had an early dinner. After seeing everyone and lots of hugs and kisses and talking, Martin (I'm so grateful that he drove for us) and I and Lealu headed back home to Brooklyn. It was a great and exhausting weekend:) Here are some pics (more to come when Stef emails me them, which could be a very long time!) (Celina was my model with the scarves I made!)


  1. My work internet connection seems to block blog comments for some reason. I figured out a way around it yesterday, so will try again. Love that you crochet. It's supposed to be very zen and relaxing. Another place to buy and sell homemade items, as you probably know is I have a couple of friends with galleries/shops on there. And sounds like you're having a great summer so far. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    ~Michael (

  2. thanks michael! yeah its crazy how you can take this big ball of thread and turn it into something! its a fun process:) i've been on etsy, agirl in my office is obsessed with buying homemade cards from there! lol:) actually its the girl inthe pics! (celina)hehe. thank hope you guys have a great week too!


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