Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Crazy Garden Grows Like This

Over this past weekend I decided to take a few pics of the herbs I've been growing. Its a bit difficult to have a garden in Brooklyn (although I did get one of those topsy turvey tomato growers that we hung off the terrace, it seems to be growing well but thats about all it can take!), so we decided to plant most of this stuff at the lakehouse. We planted most of them this year, except for the paw paw tree and the grapes that we planted end of summer in 08. I love planting new things and watching them grow crazy! However, I don't weed very well lol, so you'll see lots of green around the herbs. I guess I just don't want to kill all the grass! I mean its a plant too right??? Anyways here are a few pics of the garden and the characters I associate them with (if you can endure my insanity read on:) -
I found out from asking the gardener at the shop that a paw paw only bears fruit if there are two of them so we're planning on getting another and putting it next to it! Here is the big open plant that likes to spread its leaves out and be comfortable and lounge but needs its other half!
A picture of St. Johns wart that I planted last summer. Its taken over and grown so high! (if you can see if seperate from the other green!) There are no flowers yet but I'm guessing they'll come soon? I read in a chinese herb book from class that this herb cures Aids in a testtube, crazy right? It is the determined, overbearing and pushy but pretty one.

I picked up some nastirium (edible flowers) from the shop and threw them into the area and a few weeks later these came up! When I look at them I think they look funny for some reason! Like they are the big dopey funny long flowers!

Here are two grapes that we planted, one last year and one this year. They are growing so fast now up the fence and have pretty thin curley cues that are looking for something to grab onto. These are the teenagers with curls looking to grab onto anything and climb!

This is oregano (I probably don't have to explain, since I'm sure most know it goes with red sauce). It seems more delicate than the others and doesn't seem to want to grow beyond where I've made the room from pulling out the weeds/grass, and then it will slowly make a smaller baby sprig and that one will begin to grow from that sprig, and then I have to clear another spot if none left for it grow more. This one is not an overbearing, but seems more timid and patiently waiting for its space:)
Here is mint and lavendar next to it. Mint seems to just grow steadily without any kind of attention/no pulling out weeds or grass for it. It doesn't seem to wait for help, it just continues to grow steady and strong, so I call the Mint the "father" of the garden. The lavendar is next to it and it growing very slow this summer for some reason. It is strong but just taking its time, maybe sprouting extra roots first to make sure it is stable enough to grow big. The lavender is like a supportive elder, later after its sure its sturdy and everything else has already had its growth spurts, will grow and make really pretty smelling flowers.
Here is Mr. and Mrs. Basil and their kids the little basils lol. For a few weeks after planting, they seemed to not like the soil but once planted, their roots are growing strong and all the little ones are following the larger! They are growing green and smelling very sweet!
In the lawn there are these pretty little yellow dancing flowers (they stopped dancing for the picture lol) but are in all their different dance poses:)
And that is my crazy gardening blog for the week! Hope you enjoyed:)


  1. "Mr. and Mrs. Basil and their kids the little basils"

    You are TOO adorable Nic! I love it! That's so cool that you have given them all little personalities!

    We are growing tomatoes this year, and they are growing like crazy- I'll have to name them and then I can share them in a blog! Right now they are tomato plant #1, #2, and #3!!

    Love ya!! Good gardening!!

  2. Thanks Shan! I know its kind of crazy to name them lol, but when you look at them I can't help but get some kind of feeling about them! Thats awesome you are growing tomatos! I can't wait to see pics! Martin's mom grows them, just a few this year, but last year they grew so high they looked like trees! Are you having a wire thing for them to climb or sometimes people have those circle wires for them to grow upward? lol and yeah you have to name them! I love tomatos grown at home, I think they taste so much sweeter than the store bought ones for some reason. I bet yours will taste sooo sweet! Love ya!!


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