Friday, July 17, 2009

A "Me Time" Weekend

This weekend Martin is going away with his dad for a guys weekend. Its kind of nice because while we both go away for girls or guys weekends, it allows for alot of much needed "me time"! "Me Time" is like my time to do just what I want without feeling guilty about not spending enough time (both Martin and I work and I also go to grad school), without feeling rushed (Martin sits patiently while I browse and shop:), and without feeling tempted to do something else that he'd like to do (he usually has great fun ideas though). So this weekend is my "me time" weekend and I was thinking about the things I'd like to do, and here's my plan:

1 - do cleaning (vacuum, mop, laundry) this is friday night and actually isn't my "me time" but just another plan that I had to throw in to do...

2- (okay here's where "me time" starts!) go on as many walks with lealu as I want

3- do my nails (can't wait for that)

4- put a mask on (maybe while doing number 3)

5- go the shops in warwick (by the lakehouse) and walk around until my hearts content without buying anything!

6- do some crocheting

7- drink a big glass of red wine while eating ben and jerry's choc fudge brownie fro yo (my favoriate) AND watching a girlie chick flick (that martin would tolerate but maybe not enjoy) all at the same time!!!!! maybe the holiday or 13 going on 30 or i just got netlixed Becoming Jane so maybe that one!

8- maybe so some studying for herbs1 if I feel like it

9- do some baking for when mr. collin comes to visit from scotland on sunday! I'm thinking about making oatmeal cookies and muffins just to keep in the apt for when he's there and we're out or whatever.

10 - talk on the phone with friends and my sis for a long long time!

Ahhhhh, I can't wait for some much needed "me time"! Its funny my sister sent me an article the other day about how little moments in a day contribute to a positive outlook, just thinking about all these little things makes me happy!

here is the article if you'd like to take a look -

What kind of things do you like to do for your "Me Time"?

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