Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and cleaning challenge!!!!

Eggs Martin and I made! I felt like a kid again:)

(A plant Martin's mom gave us for Easter from church:))

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday celebrating with friends and family:)
Just wanted to share an update for the Cleaning challenge and an update on Easter pics! We had a great Easter, made Easter eggs and had dinner with Martin's parents and their friend from down the block. Martin's mom made a great oven stuffer chicken with sweet potatos. I made dessert (a lime pie with cool wip:)) and me and Martin made eggs for everyone to take with them:) I have to say Easter was wonderful to be with Martin and family and talk to my parents and sister, but it was missing something without going to church. We have been to the Unitarian Church and both Martin and I really liked the idea of it and the people and the sermons...but the church we love (the Manhattan one, the Brooklyn one is nice too but not has good feeling) is far away, its at least a half hour drive, not considering parking or traffic so, after my long walk with Lealu to the park, the idea of cleaning, and this weekend it was also packing for our trip next weekend to Mexico...and also cooking alittle for Easter, and the idea of relaxing one morning (I have school on Saturday mornings) was too good to pass up. We did do some meditating together, which was nice and felt great:) But there is something about going to church with everyone in their Easter dresses and saying hello and just being at a church that I miss. Anyways, Martin and I are going to start going to the Lutheran church around the corner (its literally around the corner where Martin used to go when he was little to Sunday school and stuff) and while its not a Methodist church and I don't particularly "love" the sermons by the woman preacher there (you would think I would, she's a woman! lol), maybe its not about that so much, maybe its just about being there ya know? so..forgive my rambling but I may be converting to Lutheran soon:)
Recipe for Lime Pie (with purchased cool wip:)) -
Will need - 1 1/3 cup sugar in raw (or regular sugar), 1 1/2 cup water, 1/3 cup flour, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 4 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons of butter, (graham cracker crust...which is just graham cracker food processored up with half stick butter melted, combine and bake for 10 minutes), 1/2 cup of lime juice.
Mix flour, water, sugar and salt. put in pan until boiling. Continue to mix.
while that is heating up, whisk egg yolks and keep in separate bowl.
Take heated mixture and pour only half in with yolks, mix.Then pour
mixture of egg yolks in with rest of mixture. Put over stove and heat for 1 minute.
Stir in butter and lime juice. Mix. Take off stove after heated and mixed in, and put into
pie shell. Put in fridge to cool for at least two hours.
There are pics below! Everyone loved the pie and ate the whole thing lol:) I was so happy!
Now for....

So here is my list of spring cleanings:
Sweep and mop behind fridge and stove. (DONE)
Wash doorknobs and drawer pulls. (DONE)
Vacuum behind heavy furniture and other hard-to-reach places. (DONE)
Clean under sinks in bathroom and kitchen. (DONE but have NOT scrubbed can out yet eh)
Clean curtains and drapes. (DONE!)
Sort files. (DONE)
Clean microwave, toaster oven, and other small appliances. (DONE)
Replace shower curtain liner. (hopefully with washable one as per Laura! DONE but have not gotten a washable one yet)
Wash windows inside and out. (DONE!)
Vacuum and rotate mattress. (DONE!)
toss expired dry goods.swap summer and winter wardrobes. (DONE see pics below)
above are winter clothes all bagged up!
Above is Martin's crazy amount of clothes that we're donating, way too much for any one man to have!
Clean oven. (DONE!)
Throw away rarely used or expired toiletries (will donate them as per Danielle...don't really have too much of that...but do have old dishes that we haven't used and am donating them!)
Clean upholstery. (DONE! or will be done tonight when I get home and take out drying laundry!)
and I've added one! clean dust off fans or light fixtures! (DONE!)


  1. Wow, Nikki- you got a TON of work done this past weekend! Holy cow!!! You must be exhausted. it's a good thing you have a vacation coming up- I bet you need it!

    The lime pie looks yummy. Is that kinda like key lime pie, or is it a sweeter taste? I love key lime.

    What do Lutherens believe? I know it has something to do with Martin Luther, right? Is it much different than what you were raised with?

    I am already working on some spring cleaning for this week- will post about it on Wednesday. Your list is getting done fast- I better hurry to catch up;)


  2. hey girly! yeah I was pretty tired at the end of the weekend:) Sunday night we were watching a movie and I sacked out and Martin had to wake me up to go to bed! that never happens! Its funny cause I didn't even realize I was tired ya know? I totally NEED A VACATION!! lol:) can't wait:) I'm going to take lots of pics and lay out and drink and just chill out. It would be fun to see the mayan pyramids and big olmeck heads so we'll see if I get my but up to do that! :)

    The pie was good! I was so happy:) It doesn't exactly taste like a key lime, just lime, I think you're right, I think its sweeter than key lime pie. I would love to get some key limes and make you a key lime pie and send it to you! maybe next time we spend time we could make some! I think they must use green food coloring cause it doesn't make sense...there is no green in the ingrediants! (except a lime rhine?? maybe they put that in it and then take it out after its cooked??)

    I don't know what they believe lol, but I probably should find out huh? lol:) I know its protestant and Martins mom says its alot like methodist (she was raised methodist too), so I'll have to look it up!
    I had to get done spring cleaning by end of this week cause when we get back, it'll be spring! :) so just have the garbage can cleaning, eh gross but whatev, it'll stay gross unless i clean it! (thats what i've been coaxing myself to clean with throughout this whole cleaning challenge!:))
    I can't wait to see your spring cleaning pics!

  3. Nikki your AMAZING... Who adds on baking and egg dying and church and family events and still manages to finish cleaning. Your out of control lady!

    I love lime and lemon flavored pies..> SO tasty. My grandpa used to make lemon merangue for thanksgiving and I loved it best and would make it for years after he passed away. Now I use thanksgiving to try new pies every year.

    Congrats on being superwoman... now can you come back to just being Nikki!?;)

  4. lol well thanks chici:) I didn't go to church though (thats why I was writing about wanting to start going etc and missing it and stuff)...oops, sorry to be misleading! I bet your grandpa's pies were awesome!!! you should make one and take a pic and write the recipes on a blog! both my grandpas didn't cook, but the grandmas did and still do! :)

    okay i'm hanging up my cape now:) i really didn't feel like i was doing that much until you guys said these comments! I guess with school semester ending and going away soon I felt the urgency to get this cleaning done beforehand:)

  5. Her she comes to save the day!!!! It's SUPER Nikki!!!!


    ps. D- I have NO memory of grandpa making lemon pies! Which sucks because lemon pie has always been my fave! Isn't it weird I didn't know that? The only thing I remember him making was pickles once.


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