Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning Challenge Update!!

I've taken the Shan's cleaning challenge and here is my Spring Cleaning updated list:

Sweep and mop behind fridge and stove.
Wash doorknobs and drawer pulls.
Vacuum behind heavy furniture and other hard-to-reach places.
Clean under sinks in bathroom and kitchen.TIP: Don’t just take out the trash, scrub the can too.
Clean curtains and drapes. (DONE!)
Sort files.
Clean microwave, toaster oven, and other small appliances.
Replace shower curtain liner. (hopefully with washable one as per Laura!)
Wash windows inside and out. (DONE!)
Vacuum and rotate mattress. (next challenge)TIP: Twice a year, you should flip it end-to-end too. (DONE!)
toss expired dry goods.swap summer and winter wardrobes.TIP: Designate piles for donation.
Clean oven. (DONE!)
Throw away rarely used or expired toiletries (will donate them as per Danielle!)
Clean gutters.
Clean upholstery.
and I've added one! clean dust off fans or light fixtures! (DONE!)

So this past weekend on Sunday, I decided to get alittle spring cleaning done and further my running in the Cleaning challenge lol:) Vacuuming the mattress was no easy feat! I stripped the bed, pulled off mattress pad, and then just picked up the vacuum (thats why no pics, I was busy holding the vacuum lol) and just vacuumed the mattress! lol I wish I had a pic now, that would be funny to see hehe:) It was like vacuuming really high up and I was a little person:) After that I just spun the mattress so that the head was a the feet and the feet was at the head:) So now I can add alittle DONE! to my list up above:) NEXT - I cleaned the gross horrible dusty fan that is above our bed. I couldn't believe how much dust had accumulated! Pictures are below. I used white vinegar and just wiped it off (trying my best to only get dust particles in wet towel and not on the bed!) Pictures are below if you wanted to check them out to see how dusty this thing was!

Here is far side clean and close side dirty and below is the fan leaf wiped clean.

Above is the dirty towel! and next to it on the right is the very dirty fan leaf...

And here is the all clean fan! It was so nice to see it all clean:)


  1. This is great Nikki! I cleaned our fans last season, and you're right- those get dirty!! Also, did you know those glass globes that screw over lightbulbs underneath- can go in the dish washer? I unscrewed ours, and put them through the dishwasher and they sparkled like new, and were much cleaner!

    Love all the pics. I have to get cleaning so I can post another cleaning blog on Wednesday!

  2. thanks girly! your clean challenge is a great motivater! I didn't know that you could do that with the bulbs!!! i'm totally going to do that:) thanks for the tip! can't wait to see your cleaning blog for wednesday!

  3. you are adorable and i heart you

  4. LOL u crack me up! i heart you too

  5. Just to clarify- you cannot stick the light BULBS in the dishwasher! Just the glass Globes that screw in around them. Just wanted to make sure I said that right!! lol.

  6. lol:) that would be so funny if I attempted to stick them in the dishwasher! martin would have a good laugh out of that one:) hehe. one time, during finals in law school, i stuck plastic wrap in the freezer (rachel rays suggestion so it doesn't get stuck together fyi) and he didn't know that, and when i went to get it from the freezer, it wasn't there and i asked him - where's the plastic wrap? - and he says - under the cabinet (looking at me seriously and worried lol) i found it in the freezer. (hesitating) do you remember putting it in the freezer?? - and I started cracking up:) and proceeded to tell him actually why i was putting it in there and it was a good laugh:)


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