Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yoga and Meditations

I've just returned from Mexico with my hubs (blog up next just need time to write all that stuff down!) and I'm absolutely CRAVING a good yoga session! For those of you who know me, you know I'm a certified yoga instructor. With work and home and going to school for acupuncture part time, it only leaves me with about one night a week to teach yoga to a few office folks in our permit room (thank you nycity office! lol:)) I haven't practiced yoga for about two weeks as I've had finals and then our trip, and I just ran into the hall and was seriously considering doing a tripod headstand out there just to make myself feel better! We'll be doing a yoga session tomorrow at the office after work from 5p-6p and I've worked on a new meditation that I'm planning on using - here it is!

Meditation to try:(to be given in shavasana)Meditation to help spinal posture - Allow yourself to feel every muscle in your body relax down towards the ground. Feel your spine reaching from the top of your head down towards your sacrum. Notice the energy moving along the pathway from the top of your head towards your sacrum. As the energy continues to move along that pathway, notice the bright beautiful golden light shining from the top of your head to your sacrum. Notice the bright beautiful golden light shining from within your whole self and as the light continues to shine, notice the beautiful golden light shining from within you reach all the way outside of you so that the bright golden channel of light is now within you and without you.

So thats what I'll be using tomorrow for meditation after yoga session. Feel free to use it for a class your teaching or to just read and relax yourself. Mexico blog to come soon!


  1. Thats a really nice meditation Nic! Makes me relaxed just reading it. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. thanks girlfriend! glad you liked it:)


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