Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Challenge to Clean??

I've decided to accept Shannon's challenge of cleaning something every Wednesday with a slight variation. Because of running around during the week, I'll be completing this challenge on Saturdays or Sundays! Here is the list of all of the things I plan on cleaning, and I'll be sure to post pics as well after I've completed the weekly challenge:) This weekly challenge is a great idea, I feel inspired to clean already! Thanks Shan!

Here is my list (from

Sweep and mop behind fridge and stove.
Wash doorknobs and drawer pulls.
Vacuum behind heavy furniture and other hard-to-reach places.
Clean under sinks in bathroom and kitchen.
TIP: Don’t just take out the trash, scrub the can too.
Clean curtains and drapes. (DONE!)
Sort files.
Clean microwave, toaster oven, and other small appliances.
Replace shower curtain liner.
Wash windows inside and out.
Vacuum and rotate mattress. (next challenge)
TIP: Twice a year, you should flip it end-to-end too.
toss expired dry goods.
swap summer and winter wardrobes.
TIP: Designate piles for donation.
Clean oven. (DONE!)
Throw away rarely used or expired toiletries.
Clean gutters.
Clean upholstery.

This weekend I'll be flipping the mattress and vacuuming it!


  1. Yay!!!! That is a GREAT list! I'm going to make a copy of it, and add it to my to do list!!Can't wait to check in with you each week to see how your cleaning is going! It will totally help motivate me to get cracking on mine!!


  2. Hi Nik! This is a fantastic list!! I have just one suggetstion concerning the shower curtain liner replacement. Dave and I recently switched to washable shower curtain liners. I read that the vinyl liners release more volatile organic compounds (VOCs - cause adverse health effects) into indoor air than recommended by the EPA, making the air inside not good for breathing.

    In addition to the washable liners being better for air quality, they also do not develop mildew anywhere near as fast as vinyl liners. So far, we are really pleased with the switch, and I imagine our lungs are, too :)

    Thanks for posting this!! I need to get cleaning and you and Shan are providing great motivation! Love ya!

  3. Instead of tossing your old or expired food and toiletries, donate the food to a food bank/homeless shelter and the toiletires to a shelter or salvation army/goodwill.

    Often times the expiration date posted on a food item is much shorter than the window it can be used, especially non-perishables. and Food banks don't get a lot of stuff when its not winter and christmastime.. people forget that kids and families starve all summer. Especially kids cuz they dont even get school lunches when they are home!:(

    donate donate donate!!!
    purge purge purge!

  4. Shan - thanks girlfriend! you know its such a great idea and motivating to me that you made this "clean wednesdays challenge"! this weekend i cleaned a few things and i'll post later today! love ya!
    Laura - wow that is interesting!! i have to get one of those! you know this weekend (i think we have a vinyl shower liner) i was like "should I wash that thing??" and then I was thinking it didn't look very dirty but it probably was so I probably should...I'll definelty look into that washable shower liner! do you wash it in the washer? cause that would be AWESOME! loveya! hope you're wedding planning is going well!
    D - That is a GREAT suggestion!! I don't think we have alot of leftover food but I have to check...When I do winter clothes changeover to summer clothes I'm going to go through clothes and donate some...its ridiculous how many sweatshirts martin has! he has like 5 racks of clothes filled and overflowed and then a closet filled also. I'm also going to donate old bridesmaid dress that I probably just won't wear again and my second dress from the wedding...thats another thing on the list! :) love ya!

  5. Nic- if you happen to be planning on donating your bridesmaid dress from my wedding, could I have it instead? If that wasnt the dress you were talking about nevermind! But if it is, I'd love to have one of the bridesmaid dresses from our wedding, to put in Molly's "dress up" drawer one day!

    PS. Can't wait to read your next cleaning post! :)

  6. Hi Nik! You're great :) Thanks for considering buying the washable liners - you can find them at Target :) And I just washed ours - in the washer - for the first time this past weekend (inspired by you and Shan to do some Spring cleaning) and it worked wonderfully! It looked brand new upon exiting the washer. YAY!! :)


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