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Oahu, Big Island Hawaii Sept-Oct 2008

Martin and I wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and we're so grateful that we had the chance to go. From the moment we got there up until a few days before we were about to head home, we weren't sure which island we were on! First, (now I know this) we want to Oahu, which is the island where Honolulu and Waikiki are located. Its like a big city there, no reason to rent a car other than if you wanted to go roadtripping, and actually not even worth it then cause you can just take a cross island bus. Our first day there we asked random people for directions in Waikiki (which was where we stayed) and everyone was soooo super friendly. Even on the plane ride over from Newark, the music on the plane and the friendly pictures on the tv screens of island flowers gave such a sense of peace and we both couldn't help but think it was because the islands were more feminane than what we were used to (NY being very masculine). I've never thought of myself as someone who was affected by their surroundings, but the moment I stepped off the plane I felt that sense of calm and peace because of where I was. The first island, Oahu, is beautiful and has a really nice shopping area around Waikiki (outside of the Waikiki hilton you pay a heck of a lot less for the same stuff!) Drinks in Waikiki hilton were 12 bucks compared to a cool bar we found, still in Waikiki but outside of Hilton, for only 6 bucks. Thats the first piece of advice, venture outside of your hotel whereever you stay. While we were in Oahu we visited Pearl Harbor and the Bowfin sub. Here are a few pics:
While we were in Oahu, we took a bus up to the Dole Plantation. It took about two hours to get up there. They had literally the juicyest mango I've ever tasted. It was amazing. The bus ticket was only 20 dollars for a four day unlimited pass.
We also took a ride on the bus up to a place called Sharks Cove. Sharks cove is on the Northshore and has no sharks in it! you can snorkel and swim without worrying about being eatin! They have a really cool little trailer where they sold Acai berry smoothies. Those were amazing too, only 4 bucks and supposedly very healthy and something you have to try if you go to Oahu!
While we were in Oahu we also hiked upto a place called Diamond Head Cove where a volcano used to be. It was a good time but we were pooped after that! view from the cove After coming off of the cove and back to the street, if you walk down a big kind of highway road called Mescorat Road I think it was there was an awesome little health car where they sold Kava or as the locals call it awa. We found out about it from a girl we made friends with at the hotel, the bar is apparently by word of mouth only, so now you know!
We also had the chance of hiking up a rainforest called Manoa Falls (which I currently don't have pics of yet but pics are in one of the cameras at home that I have to get developed!) It was the coolest thing and the guide told us that everything in Hawaii grows super fast, even houseplants he said grow so fast and end up being huge. On the hike we saw a waterfall and ate strawberry guava off a tree! It was really cool. After Oahu, we flew Hawaian Airlines to Hawaii (or also called the Big island where Kona is). We met a few people and kept telling them we were on our way to Kona thinking that was the name of the island! They must've had a good laugh after we left:) So we landed in at Kona airport, which is a completely outdoor airport. We got our luggage and soon realized that this place was not like Oahu; there were so buses and no cabs. There were shuttles we could take for 60 bucks to take us to the Hilton Waikoloa Hotel (which we figured wasn't worth it considering all the driving we wanted to do). We ended up renting a car for about 500 for the week. This was kind of alot but only because Martin wanted to get all the extra stuff just in case something happened (at this moment, I had been wrong about there being buses there so I just humbly agreed:)) Once we got in the car we started driving North to the Hilton and everything, on both sides of us for miles was all volcanic rock! It was pretty cool to see. Everyone had graffitied on the dark rocks with putting white rocks over top to spell a name or a saying. What we didn't know was that the week we were there Hawaii hosted something called Iron Man which is a race where people bike like 100 miles, swim like 3, and then run a bunch more. The roads weren't blocked off until the next weekend so we were okay there. At the Waikoloa we saw petroglyphs (from 1800's) of hikers and travellers who carved into the rock I got a pic of a plant growing in between the rocks this was pretty cool Martin in the petroglyphs At the hotel, it was really nice, they had a boat you could take throughout the resort This was my FAVORITE - the spa in the hotel had a lava rock jacuzzi!
At the hotel there was a cool drawbridge you had to cross to get to the other side of the pool area we felt like such explorers crossing a drawbridge! :)the blue pool - Beautiful sunset in Hawaii The coolest place in Hawaii is the town of Kaulua Kona (which has a borders!!:) and awesome bars and places to eat. Ironman parade in Kona At the hotel we snorkled in here (and I saw a barracuda and we raced out hehe:) Hawaii was so beautiful and such a nice place to be. We are already making moving plans for someday! lol:) Thanks for reading!

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