Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Wedding September 27 2008 Cape May NJ

Martin and I got married on September 27 2008 (we found out on the day that it was the same anniversary as Harry (my grandmom's boyfriend who is the sweetest nicest old man ever!) and his late wife. He said they had a very long happy marriage and the day is a good one so that is good! It was the most beautiful day, we really lucked out with weather being clear and beautiful for our ceremony on the beach, afterwards when we arrived at the hotel alcott in the horse and buggy it started to rain, so it was a close call! Everyone was praying to their spirit friends in heaven and it really helped let the light shine through! I am so grateful to have married him four months ago (wow has it been that long already??). My life changed so much when I met him in such a good way and I love him very much! Here is a picture of the beautiful sky that day -

After looking through all of the types of ceremonies, (unity candle, sand ceremony, handfasting) we decided to go with a handfasting ceremony. The handfasting ceremony (from what I've read) comes from a tradition that originated in both Scotland and England (maybe in Scotland and then migrated to England) but we thought this was a great way to include the mums in the ceremony (and thought it was cute, my great grandmom on my mums side is from England - and family goes far back to Scotland) and Martin's great grandmother is from Scotland so it was like both of them coming together).
The whole wedding party (fyi this picture is missing a very important person and amazing friend in my life, Shannon who could not be there for a good enough reason lol she had a baby girl! but she was there in spirit)-
Since realizing how cool it is to go back and check out past experiences and memories on blogs, I really wanted to have this up here (even though ourwedding was a few months ago!) Now we're looking forward to my sister Stef's wedding in March 2010!

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