Thursday, March 19, 2009

August 2008 Coney Island, NY

On Sunday, Astroland had its last day in Coney Island NY. Me and Martin went down to the beach and walked through Astroland. It was such a fun place and had prices that allowed everyone to come and have fun on the rides so hopefully whatever Thor Properties does with it will reflect the same care for the community. The ferris wheel and the cycle are staying I've heard, as well as the boardwalk, however the area with the rides and minigolf are going. Here's an article I found on it: here are some pics of Coney Island Astroland's last day!!Thanks for reading! If you'd like to learn more you can email you can also go to If you'd like to help and write a letter about what Astroland/Coney Island has meant to you and why there should or shouldn't be high rises in the amusement district, you can write a letter, make 3 copies and send one to each of these addresses:Mayor Michael R Bloomberg City Hall New York NY 10007City Council President Christine Quinn 224 West 30th St Suite 1206 New York NY 10001Council Member Dominic Recchia 445 Neptune Ave Brooklyn NY 11224Thanks for reading!!

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