Thursday, March 19, 2009

May 2008 Daytona Beach Florida

I just got back from such a relaxing and nice time in Daytona Beach Florida and I thought I'd post a blog to tell you about it and also to have a record (this is a great way to keep pics and kind of a journal!) Me, Martin, and his mom and dad went to a trip at the Hilton Hotel in Daytona where a group called was hosting their yearly getaway with seminars and classes. Martin's mom is a hypnotist and was teaching a class, and Martin is also certified and so we both thought it would be fun to take a trip and take some classes to find out alittle more about all this stuff. The first day we got there was Thursday, and there weren't any classes yet, so we walked around on the beach, and layed out, and I read this new book that I'm reading for school called "The New Earth" by Eckart Tolle (I know I'm spelling that wrong). I finished the book while I was there and it really showed me something about myself, (which I guess is the point) that when I associate myself with roles in my life or get annoyed at someone, usually its because of my ego. So, for example, when I identify something in someone else and get annoyed about it, its usually that I'm identifying the thing in the other person because first its in myself, and second because its actually not me, but my ego. So, the point in the book was basically that when you identify this "thing" in yourself that you're annoyed with, you can call it your ego, and then its disassociated from who you are, and therefore, isn't who you are, so you don't have to feel this annoyance anymore (this is of course not meaning abusive situations). So its a great book! The next day we went to this seminar on tree drawing. A woman who was working on her phd chose to specialize her thesis on analyzing her patients tree drawings! Its so interesting. We got the book, so if you want, you can post your drawning and I'll analyze it for you based on the book. Me and Martins trees were very different and very interesting. I learned that I have/had a critical mother (which used to be true, she is not so much anymore, but used to be critical, not so much of me, but of others around me), I learned that I'd like more comfort in my home, and that I have stress going on my life. I also learned that I've had a loss/sadness in my past, but that the future is not so much loss/sadness (which was nice to hear). There's alot more, but I have to get the book and tell you more about it. It was nice to be facing the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves every morning! I have to say the food at the convention wasn't that great, but the location made up for it. That day I meditated on the beach and thought of a meditation to do for the next days yoga class, and it worked out well. There were about 8 people in the class, which was nice and was what I've been used to teaching. The class was great, and Martin even made it! :)The night after yoga, we went to an event called a Singing Bowls concert. We all went into a small room and some sat on the floor and some in chairs, and this guy, I think his name was Peter Blum, brought out all these bowls from Tibet that he collected and banged some, and used a piece of metal to roll around the outside of the other bowls, and made beautiful sounds with these metal bowels. We all closed our eyes and it was like this mass meditation circle. It was pretty nice to be there. We went to a few other seminars, one on this new BID screen, body imaging device, which is supposed to measure one's qi by looking at their chakras changing through a screen, but I really think it was a hoax. Me and Martin took a look around the screen and saw that when the stand in touched the screen there were circles of light created and when he wasn't touching, there were less or weren't any. There was another great class we went to for how to build confidence with hypnosis, this was a good one for Martin and I think he liked it. It was a lot of fun and nice to get away in the sun! Here are a few pics of our trip:

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